Duelist Cup DLv. Max from on March 20th, 2024
cp-ur 780 + cp-sr 450
50 cards

Notes & Combos

So getting the elephant out the room, based on my math running 50 instead of 60 pile is just 1-2 percent less efficient in the chances of opening either cynet ritual or cyberse sage, in some cases opening the cynet ritual is not bad and actually you can still combo properly you just skip cyberse witch and opt to normal line with g golem for triple firewall. Excluding the 1-2% difference its really preference between 50 or 60 card deck for sage variant. The combo is exactly the same as 3ple firewall normal variant till templar, then you go into OG firewall, circular line with sigma and then make Witch, from there you make singularity, transcode, revive OG firewall and with transcode and ritual fusion cards Darkfluid and with the rank 2 and 1 more summon you have either form equation gachiri or AIdle reborn heatsoul. Side not always make sure you have more spells in the GY when using Doyon's 2nd effect else you cant use Witch for ritual combo I had to leanr that one the hard way. Except that everything else should be standard @Ignister 3 firewall combos!

I dont have any replays rd but if you want any feel free to ask me and I'll provide some!

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