Adventure Prank-Kids

Diamond V from on September 23rd, 2022

Author Notes

My extra deck is slightly different from the regular meta extra deck. This is my first combo:

Normal combo up to Doodle-Doo and one other prank-kids monster on the field. Then add Prank-Kids Pranks with Doddle- Doo. Discard one other prank kids monster from hand to make a token. Then make I:P Masquerena with the token and the spare prank kids monster. Finally, link into Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax with I:P and Doodle-Doo as material. This means that the only way to out this card now is either by non-targeting negate (droplet) or non-targeting and non-destruction (using I:P as material) removal. This is my main combo as it is only a two card combo that requires two Prank-Kids cards in hand (one being a monster to normal summon and one used to discard for Prank-Kids Pranks) to end on a strong Turn 1 end board. In a situation where I do not have a second prank kids card in hand, this is the alternative:

Normal combo with two bodies on field then link off into Verte with the two materials and make DPE that ends with a hand trap and/or adventure engine with it (usually). This second combo is not as ideal as the first but I run many hand traps and adventure engine to still make it a decently strong end board. Also I run Denier and Malicious because bodies are good for next turn to link off into access/ underworld goddess and if I pull malicious in starting hand i can always banish it to draw with rocksies.