Diamond V from on November 24th, 2022
cp-ur 540 + cp-sr 600
40 cards

Notes & Combos

This is a going second blackwing deck. Goal is to OTK. There are 3 main OTK lines: Full Armor Master line, Nothung line, and the Arc Rebellion line.

This deck has a really good match-up against Floowandereeze. It is one of the few decks that can break full combo and they have no out to Full Armor Master. I beat 10+ on my climb and I am not sure if I ever lost to one.

I play 2 small world targets because there are too many hands where small world is dead if you only play 1. Cycle Reader can be used on both Gamma and Ash to trade for Simoon with small world.

I don't play Called By because the deck has many 3-4 card combos and Called By can brick your hand. The deck also otks with only a few special summons, so Maxx "C" isn't a huge deal.

Decay the Ill Wind is played because it is part of the Nothung line OTK.

Onimaru is played because it helps you play through Nibiru. Oroshi + Nib token = Onimaru + full armor master (use Auster effect to steal Nibiru) + Nibiru = 9k otk

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