Diamond V from on June 12th, 2023
cp-ur 720 + cp-sr 600
40 cards

Notes & Combos

So, the vaylantz build suffers a lot against bystials and the fact that ash is being used a lot more because of branded, so we bypsass that by just playing big, juicy, bimbo amorphage cards that say no to your opponent, also, considering that boardbreakers are not as common you should scale gluttony instead of lechery this format. That is the main plan.

Shifter has a pretty interesting application here as well, not only is this build one that doesnt really care about shifter, it also has a unique sinergy with the bystials.

The bystials obviously are good in a generic way, however in here they do search every amorphage + revolution so going second not only do they stop your opponent but you can also use the magna to search, or any of them to go into beyond,pop with iris, or even tribute them for sloth.

The build runs out of gas and it is less versatile than the vaylantz one, however it can just stamped the rest of the meta fast.

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Replays here: 263-685-480