Infernoble Knight

Diamond V from on July 3rd, 2022
cp-ur 750 + cp-sr 390
40 cards

Notes & Combos

This deck was built with the objective of maximising the number of extenders, while minimising the number of bricks needed for the combo. This is done at the expense of the power of the end board, which consists of just synchro Roland in the GY graveyard, Gearfried in hand, Charles, Savage and smoke grenade on board. Even though it's less flashy than other versions of the deck it's enough to win almost all the time.

The interest of this version is that it is possible to summon a Gearfried at the beginning of the combo to play around nib without altering the end board. Since you only need 3 monster zone hand slots to make it. Max C still is a real problem for this deck.

The combo works as follows:

First step :

Insolde -> send durendal special summon tuner 1 -> Halqifibrax -> jet synchron -> Auroradon -> summon the tokens

End Board :

Auroradon -> reborn jet synchron -> cupid pitch -> effect Auroradon -> o-lion -> roland synchron -> tuner + cupid pitch = savage -> add corridor -> corridor shuffle jet into the deck -> synchro 9 Charles

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