8-Axis Blind Second

Diamond V from on January 31st, 2023
cp-ur 1050 + cp-sr 240
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Swordsoul variation of 8-Axis Blind Second

As the name suggests you always want to go second with this deck.

Main Combo:

  1. With a swourdsoul starting hand I go with anything that allows me to Synchro summon Chaos Ruler to search for a Bigfoot or discard an Orochi. From there with the Chaos Ruler and (hopefully) another level 8 depending on the opponents board I go into 2 different Xyz routes. 1.1 The first route is making the usual Blind Second Combo of Dingirsu -> Pain Gainer -> (effect if viable) -> Seven Sins -> attack -> 4/5 material Zeus. 1.2 If the opponent has either no monsters left or a monster with low attack I go into Draglubion -> Numeron Dragon -> (effect) -> attack for OTK.

If I have 3, level 8 monsters on the field already I usually go into Zombie Vampire when viable, the card allows us to mill 4 and special summon a level 8 monster or Ecclesia for either another swordsoul combo or just as a tuner for Matchmech Sigma. If we do get another level 8 we can go into 2 Xyz monsters which should allow us to have a huge Numeron dragon ATK number and therefore OTK.

Note: Let Orochi get milled by Chaos ruler and let him be in GY for Zombie Vampire.

  1. If I have a full swordsoul opening hand I go into Chaos Ruler + Baronne and then proceed to combo 1. 2.1 If going first the above strategy is still viable although you would have to stop after summoning Baronne.

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