Diamond I from on May 21st, 2023
cp-ur 780 + cp-sr 570
42 cards

Notes & Combos

This is a going-second, pure Amazoness deck with the goal of OTK'ing the opponent after breaking their board. This version of the deck usually loses if it cannot OTK on the first turn, going second.

The core strategy is to (1) clear the opponent's board by using kaijus, board breakers, and Ultimate Slayer, (2) enter the Amazon engine with Princess and/or War Chief in order to create an interim board of one fusion monster (other than Augusta) and another Amazoness monster for extra damage and fusion material for Augusta, and finally, (3) end with Augusta for the OTK. Augusta is usually summoned through Amazoness Secret Arts during the Battle Phase (preferred) or Polymerization during Main Phase 1 if Amazoness Secret Arts is already in the GY due to the opponent having milled it.

Opening Hand:

A powerful opening hand normally consists of a combination of:

  1. 2-3 Amazoness monsters (e.g., ideally Princess and/or War Chief) and/or search cards (i.e., Amazoness Call and/or RotA)
  2. 2-3 going-second cards (i.e., Maxx C, kaijus, board breakers, and Ultimate Slayer).


  1. Augusta can only attack twice if at least one of Amazoness Empress or Queen (or Princess if Princess is on the field) is used as fusion material. Otherwise, she can only attack once.
  2. Pet Tiger King cannot attack on the same turn that it uses its effect to special summon an Amazoness monster from the GY. In the context of the OTK strategy, the Pet Tiger King line would normally only be used if Amazoness Empress cannot be summoned due to lack of materials.
  3. If Lava Golem or Ra Sphere are used, Amazoness Princess cannot be summoned on the same turn to enter the Amazoness engine. Therefore, War Chief is typically used as the starter to enter the Amazoness engine in this case.
  4. Ultimate Slayer cannot be activated if a monster from the extra deck cannot be sent to the GY, such as if Dimensional Fissure or Dark Law were on the field.

Misc. Notes & General Advice:

  1. The extra deck monsters, besides the Amazoness monsters and Spright Elf (rarely used), are solely there for Ultimate Slayer.
  2. In the Tearlaments matchup, if the opponent's Abyss Dweller's effect is active and you were to use Ultimate Slayer, targeting a fusion monster, it is better to send Skull Wagon or Cyber Eternity Dragon to the GY instead of N'tss because they can be used from the GY on a follow-up turn (if a follow-up turn were to occur).
  3. This deck has a terrrible matchup into Floo.
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Youtube link (1 hour of replays):

Please note that some of the replays may show ratios or usage of cards that are not in the final deck list (e.g., Pot of Desires, Evenly Matched, Dark Ruler No More, and Ghost Reaper). This is because I was actively adjusting the deck based on the ladder-climbing experience, and so, the deck has gone through several iterations of fine-tuning over the course of the climb.