Runick Spright

Diamond I from on March 19th, 2023
cp-ur 900 + cp-sr 480
43 cards

Notes & Combos

pure light could be replaced by third elf, I've only used it to recycle elf and C in specific situations. A second C in the mirror is really nice, but probably uneccessary. My games weren't super fancy, I faced a lot of pure/twin spright. Definitely changing boards to end on fountain, +(elf/)carrot/smashers(+extras if possible), instead of (elf/)red/carrot/djinn, to play better into dark ruler, even if that would be capshell under djinn. Which would happen with full combo, anyway. 90% of the time I could make smashers+carrot+djinn+fountain but get interrupted. Which obviously isn't bad, this decks goal is to outresource your opponent, and most combination of handtraps is fine, except for C, that's why the max ashes, called by AND two tactics. Playing runick, ofc you want to stay as close to 40 as possible to make draws better, but losing the minigame is worse, and most hands require a discard for hugin, so a lot of going second draws you don't need are fixable. Even quite a few games, going second against elf I'd rather have something that outs it before the main phase instead of having a pot of greed in the main phase because of it. Having to spend a card on baiting carrot because it's untargetable is bad enough. Lava golem for the same reason putting in WORK, but also drew it a lot off of fountain where I would've liked any other runick. Don't mind it too much because a full spright board is tough, so good comes with the bad. The full spright board really was the only thing I was afraid of, it feels like it outresources anything else (except branded lmfao, send help cus any mj/chimera access is rough, though I didn't face branded much at all.) Drawing enough runicks, even off fountain is crucial, but equally so is opening lava golem going second AND not losing" the minigame. Not having a battle phase means your opponent drawing cards is so much worse, even going second where you have to play through but also make sure they don't keep interruptions for future turns. Even kitten does wonders bouncing multiple things, like mirrorjade and unprotected chimeras/barons/anything that threaten followup, even better than a +1 off ipiria, so definitely a keep. The balance of roach counters, going second cards, and both engines I still like and think is neccesary, even when it's ever so slightly less consistent than tournament lists, where you pray instead your opponent doesn't draw roach. The ratios in this are as on point as they can be at 43.

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