Swordsoul Tenyi

Diamond I from on December 4th, 2022
cp-ur 810 + cp-sr 330
42 cards

Author Notes

Almost same deck as the D5 one but I decided to include 2 HDC, Shthana and Ghost Belle seeing how I was having trouble with both follow up, GY plays by my opponent and Mo Ye/Taia getting negated. I took 2 Veiler out because it didn't come up as often as I thought in Diamond, now I am leaving a single copy as a Crossout target/situational HT. Ghost Belle was more helpful as she can also do double duty as a Called by the Grave negator.

ID: 898-783-210 I have left some replays up, I think I could've done better in some of them. The last two where the ones that promoted me to D1, and I think I played fairly well in them. That's all, thanks for reading.