Diamond I from on December 23rd, 2022
cp-ur 420 + cp-sr 750
44 cards

Notes & Combos

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Aliens, AKA Naturia Beast turbo + A-Counters

I've been trying to make this deck work all season without much success. My attempts were essentially to main Droll & Imperial Iron Wall due to the sheer amount of Runick. Even tried main decking Psy-Framegear DELTA I was so desperate, but also bc it is very strong against Despia. However, it just so happens Shocktrooper and Adhara are Earth, and the 2 best decks right now are entirely Spell reliant. I now present: a weird mix of an aggressive Dai/Shocktrooper variant and an A-counter turbo control variant.

The main point of the deck is to go 1st and setup Beast + a few bodies + ensuring you have followup for the next turn. Your turn 1 boards aren’t unbeatable and are really meant to slow OP down until turn 3, which is really easy to setup for with this deck. Cards like Recombination Device, Triangle, and Planet Pollutant are consistent ways that are almost always live to drop A-counters, and the small reptilianne package is pretty good for turboign out ED monsters such as Slicer which is literally an in-archtype walking Amano Iwato.

Play around with the deck a bit, I have tried alot of variants and different cards swapped in and out. I like this build for me but can see an argument for wanting to run an entire deck around Mass Hyponsis as this can be such a blowout. Also if you are reading this after the Runnick meta I’d strongly consider switching the deck up to be less Naturia Beast focused.

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