Infernoble Knight

Diamond I from on August 29th, 2022
cp-ur 750 + cp-sr 480
40 cards

Notes & Combos

I wanted to try "Reasoning" in the deck and in the end it is not bad but it is not transcendent either. Let's start with the positive, activating reasoning at the beginning of the turn almost systematically defeats the opponents negates and hand traps, and it is very often resolved (on my rise from diamond V to diamond I with this card I only missed it twice). The thing is that the opponents don't really know which number to call and so it often resolves. When it resolves it allows you to have a special monster for free which is pretty cool, it allows you to equip the weapon without norms, which is always very nice.

On the negative side, it's not an amazing extender either, already it's incompatible with coltwing and even in my version it can sometimes summon things that are not amazing, like "nemesess corridor".

In the end I feel that this card reinforces the go first of the deck, since it is a "free" extender. So you almost never have a dead hand, but it also makes your go second a little less good. But maybe this reasoning can be used in other types of infernoble knight, I wonder if it's not a good extender for the adventure token version.

Oh yes, I also tried psy-gamma structure piece but in the end it's not so good, it tends to make your hands less resilient.

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