Abyss Actor

Dark VS. Light from on August 25th, 2023
cp-ur 570 + cp-sr 510
40 cards

Notes & Combos

As funny as it is when Fantastic Theater replaces an opponent's monster effect, the Abyss Actors lack any other archetypal interaction and generally function much better as a going-second strategy. The win condition is an equally hilarious OTK via the following general steps:

  1. Use Comic Relief's Pendulum effect to give control of a second Comic Relief to your opponent.
  2. Comic Relief's monster effect triggers on your opponent's field, allowing you to destroy your own set Abysstainment.
  3. Trigger Abysstainment's effect in the GY to Special Summon as many high-ATK Abyss Actors as possible, including at least 1 Superstar.
  4. Use Superstar's effect to set Rise of the Abyss King from your deck, then activate it to destroy up to 5 of your opponent's cards.
  5. Attack for 8000+ damage.

Most hands can play through 1 interruption and some can play through more, but the deck performs much better when opening with at least 1 board breaker or Kaiju. I initially ran Forbidden Droplet, but replaced it with Twin Twisters due to the Abyss Actors' inability to deal with set Spells/Traps.

Several important archetypal effects lock you into Abyss Actors, so the generic Extra Deck monsters never came up for me. That said, it's certainly possible to access them before locking yourself — particularly by using Dramatic Story to Special Summon Madonna, and then activating another Abyss Script to trigger her monster effect.

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Player ID: 830-124-995.

The replays on/around 8/24/2023 are the "DARK vs. LIGHT" replays.