Volcanics are a FIRE-Attribute Pyro archetype. They were first revealed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Anime with Axel Brodie's deck and supplemented by Trueman the same season. Since Pyros were barely existent back then, most Volcanic cards were more generic Pyro than "Volcanic". Fast forward to today and they are still the lifeline for Pyro support.

This archetype has a military centric theming with many of the monsters being ammunition and its bound group of cards, the "Blaze Accelerators", being turrets that fire them. This created striking shelled monster designs with an abundance of flames all around them. It would be blasphemy to say they aren't beloved.

What do they do? 🔥🔥Burn 🔥🔥

The core essence of Volcanics, cornerstone of the Pyro monster-type. They are a Burn deck but possess enough of it to "FTK". The "Volcanic FTK" this guide overviews isn't a "True" FTK, requiring the opponent's Draw phase to Burn them down to 0. You may not get the Master Duel hidden mission but the opponent will hate you for it all the same! Because they add up to 8000+ Burn, this guide will highlight each Burn value making it easier to skim over.

Despite this (in)famous FTK, there's plenty else this deck can do and all without using floodgates!

How to make a Volcanic Deck?

Volcanics have their own Secret Pack, but it's horrible. There are few Pyro archetypes so they put in various miscellaneous cards alongside Hazy Flames and the old Volcanic cards. You only need 1 UR and 3 SR from those. The new Volcanic support was added in the now expired Blazing Arena so you will have to craft them all.

The following tabs go over parts of various archetypes that themselves are logical inclusions for Volcanic deck lists. Starting with the Volcanic Cards themselves, then extensions, and working up to unreleased cards.

  • Pure
  • Snake-Eyes
  • Horus
  • Fire King
  • Fiendsmith
  • Future-stuff

So, what cards make a "Volcanic" deck?

The Blaze Accelerators

Volcanic Blaze Accelerator
Volcanic Blaze Accelerator
Abbreviated as "VBA". Searchable as Volcanic and Blaze Accelerator. Can build your board going first, remove monsters going second, and sometimes to destroy Bomb Tokens. We run 3, but you only need 2. Its effects are soft once per turn and by banishing it off field with Volcanic Rimfire's second effect to put a new one, both effects can be used again. Yes, that's 2 monster removals and 2 Special Summons. Also sends any Level 1 Pyro, including Snake-Eyes, for cost.
The original Blaze Accelerator
Blaze Accelerator
Not *horrendous* but only ran as an obligatory 1-off to activate VBA.
Blaze Accelerator Reload
Blaze Accelerator Reload
Abbreviated as Reload. Required at 1 but you can run more. Does a lot but you only utilize these 2 aspects:
  1. Remain in deck as a legality check for Rimfire's second effect to banish Volcanic Blaze Accelerator off field, so a new Volcanic Blaze Accelerator can be put face-up, bypassing the "you can only control 1 Volcanic Blaze Accelerator". Obligatory inclusion because of this.

  2. A send-to-GY card. Banish itself (none once-per) to GY dump a Volcanic. Intended synergy as a Quick Effect GY trap to Raigeki with Scattershot. Often enough used for various Volcanic names.

Other accelerators...

They exist but no one runs them.

Tri-Blaze Accelerator
Tri-Blaze Accelerator is an upgraded version of Blaze Accelerator that itself got replaced by VBA.
Why Konami found it funny to make Ra support a "Blaze Accelerator" is beyond my mortal comprehension.
Wild Fire
Wild Fire destroys Blaze Accelerator cards to Quick Effect Dark Hole. Potent, but not searchable and thus not used.

Volcanic cards

Volcanic Trooper
Volcanic Trooper
The first card to enter the battlefield. This is your searcher and summoner of a Bomb Token. Search Volcanic Rimfire or Volcanic Emperor going first and VBA when going second. Bomb Tokens deal 500 when destroyed and have 1000 ATK.
Volcanic Shell
Volcanic Shell
The resource for link material, discarding, banishing, and sometimes firing. At the mere cost of 500 of your LP, you can keep drawing one.
Volcanic Emperor
Volcanic Emperor

The 3100 big boy, Pyros' very own Main Deck boss monster, and face of modern Volcanics. The summoning requirement isn't a tall order but you will need 1+ Pyro Banished to use its Set effect. Rimfire + 3 Pyro fuel makes the general entrance of the Emperor 2000 Burn.

Run 2. Volcanic Emission can summon the other limiting he opponent to 6-8 summons before becoming charcoal. This gets referred to as "Double Emperor Pass".

Volcanic Rimfire
Volcanic Rimfire
First effect GY dumps Volcanic Emperor, or Trooper; by banishing itself. Because of the self-banish, it 1-card dumps Emperor and lets it activate its Burn and Set effect. The second effect banishes Blaze Accelerators off Face-up field/GY to put VBA or Reload Face-up. Only put Reload if you can send it off field again with Snake-Eye/Diabellstar or Magicians' Souls.
Fire Ejection
Fire Ejection
Literally Foolish Burial for Pyro that also lets you summon a Bomb Token or Burn for up to 800 if sending a Volcanic. It can't combo start by itself and has limited synergy outside of Volcanics, but it is still FTK consistency / extension and can put up an anti-Loading... / Loading... layer with the Token. Used in variable amounts.
Volcanic Emission
Volcanic Emission
Set by Emperor. Burns 1550 in the FTK or summons another Emperor for Double Emperor Pass. Obligatory 1 off for both reasons.
Volcanic Inferno
Volcanic Inferno
Searchable with Trooper and/or directly put Face-up using Emperor. It's a reusable negate trap, Burns 500, and has a recycle effect for your banished Volcanics.
Volcanic Scattershot
Volcanic Scattershot
Run 0 OR 3. Burns 500 every time it's sent to GY. It's a potential Raigeki with Loading... s GY effect but requires 3 to do so and all must still be in deck. Alternatively if you draw it, you need to put Reload Face-up and use its first effect to send Scattershot. Lastly, you can't just GY dump all 3 for 1500 Burn, unless there is a monster for it to destroy. Mediocre for being bricky, but very fun to use.
Volcanic Rocket
Volcanic Rocket
Searches for a VBA or a Reload (to GY dump it). It's an optional, secondary, and generally worse Volcanic Trooper. Being Level 4 makes it potent for Loading... once more synergizing Level 4's come around. None once-per on both its own and Reloads' GY effect also sounds abusive, but we don't have a way to abuse it yet™.
Volcanic Queen
Volcanic Queen
Kaiju incompatible with Normal Summons. Only searchable off our primary Normal Summon... We normally don't run it but it has 2500 ATK on the opposing field for Greater Inari Fire, if you were to run Queen.
Volcanic Doomfire
Volcanic Doomfire
The OG boss. Summonable off a Face-up Blaze Accelerator Reload, as that treats itself as Tri-Blaze Accelerator. By the time you could bring this out you already won the game. It's past its prime, let the Emperor take reign instead.

Not-Volcanic by name:

While the anime may have introduced it in a Volcanic deck, I think this card burned an everlasting association with Snake-Eyes in people's minds instead. It not only combo starts by searching Snake-Eye Ash, Volcanic Trooper, or even Rimfire, but it also extends with Loading... . Run as many as legal.
Fire Recovery
Fire Recovery
A FIRE-Monster reborn, a GY dump effect, and a draw 1 shuffle. While it sounds insane, we have no reliable native GY dumping, and this card first needs a target to then dump something by itself. People run many not-Volcanic GY dumpers thus Fire Recovery is used variable amounts.

Generic FIRE support:

Awakening of the Possessed - Greater Inari Fire
Awakening of the Possessed - Greater Inari Fire
This is a Charmer card, but we are the main deck to use it. This card enables the FTK. It's summoned directly from deck by sending a Spellcaster and a level 4 or lower Pyro to GY. Thanks to Relinquished Anima, Magicians' Souls, and Diabellstar; it really is exceptionally easy to make. On summon you inflict damage (no targeting involved) with a Bomb Token for 1000 Burn, or whatever else is biggest on the opposing field. When it's sent to GY you search Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai.
Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai
Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai
Tributes for cost: Volcanic Emperor or Amphibious Swarmship Amblowhale / Salamangreat Raging Phoenix / Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon / Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames; with 3100-2600 Burn.
Hiita the Fire Channeler
Hiita the Fire Channeler
Sounds like a worse Loading... but in reality it's a little better. Small World can't add Trooper without a specific piece (which she herself conveniently is), and the used cards are banished face-down instead of the desirable discard. Locking you out of none-FIRE monster effects may sting going second, but is irrelevant for Pure when going first.
Infernal Flame Banshee
Infernal Flame Banshee
Could add any monster we need to our hand, even Special Summons Snake-Eyes Poplar from deck, or GY dump Rimfire / Emperor. Why is it not in any deck list? Simply because we lack the Level 4's (for now). Our only Level 4 is Volcanic Rocket, so it requires 2 in hand to make, and Rocket currently is a little lacking.

Loading... is too good of an enabler in 2024 to not use in every Volcanic Deck.

Loading... is a generic FIRE Link-2 spell/trap removal that could let you GY dump something. Baseline good.

Loading... is great for Pure and for versions with a lot of FIRE extenders, allowing cards like VBA to add Snake-Eye Poplar to hand.

Loading... is a borderline broken card. Pure can't really make her, but she's essential to various other variants their FTKs.

Loading... and Loading... compete the same slot, they are the best summon target to Link off Princess. Raging is more suited to OTK with, where as Amblo is a more generic interruption.

Core and packages to include:

Deck core:

The core itself has little burden on the Extra Deck. Linkuribo is needed to send a Rimfire or Shell off field to trigger their GY effects. Blocker represents a generic Link-2, but its ability to discard a card can jump start you as many cards need to be in GY to do stuff.

FTK package:

Tiny and enables what makes it most dangerous. Costs 2 bricks and 1 decent Extra Deck card.

Awakening of the Possessed - Greater Inari Fire
Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai
Relinquished Anima

Control package:

This pack focuses on GY dumping Loading... using Blocker. Then, as a Quick Effect on the opponent's turn, banishes itself from GY to send Scattershot who sends 2 more Scattershot and destroys all opposing monsters. This is quite potent even in Fire King heavy meta.

Volcanic Rocket is usually run at 2 or 3 in these versions to further increase the likelihood of getting a VBA or Reload in hand. Adding more copies of Reload also works but can brick.

Finally, Volcanic Inferno is used as a simple recursive once-per-turn negate. Because of the Volcanic ratios in these versions, it's almost always going to be online.

A Pure Deck

The Main Deck is rich in FIRE monsters, allowing for Hiita the Fire Channeler to increase your chances of getting Volcanic Trooper to ~85%. But isn't obligatory for the deck to function. Mixing in 1 Small World with 2 copies of Hiita the Channeler gives lower brick rates than 3 copies of her.

For Extra deck; Amblowhale could also be Loading... . Dharc is as accessible as Hiita thanks to recursive Linkuriboh off any Level 1. The rest of the Extra Deck isn't filled because there aren't obvious choices besides the ones listed. I don't want to burden others to craft cards by preference when they have equally valid cards already in their collection. Fit whatever other XYZ or Link monster you have that you think may come up.

If it contained any more Charmers, Channelers, and Familiars, then the charmer obsessed user Spectrae would play nothing else.

  • The deck is close to 40 cards to account for Loading... . The rest of this guide will feature deck lists that border 60.

  • Boasts a considerable chance to FTK uninterrupted.

  • Has plenty of variety to spice up your gameplay without even having to add other engines.

  • It's moderately cheap in terms of UR/SR Dust for its minimal requirements.

  • All decks in this guide lose to GY->Banishment floodgates like Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... . VBA can't even activate under Arise-Heart as it requires sending a card to GY on initial placement.

  • All FTKs are only as good as the amount of FTKs that remain post negation. Volcanics have many, but the chances of Pure having them get reduced by orders of 10.

  • Pure lacks native GY senders, especially for Reload.

  • Pure can't fit in good ratios of handtraps without giving up on control package cards.

41 cards


For simplicity sake, only 1 of each combo will be overviewed in this guide to explain it's workings. All combos can be found in the Combo Compendium.

FTK Combos

All of the Pure Volcanics FTK combos can be found in this video, making it easier to follow. (I do not own, or associate with, this channel.)

Note: You will need toggle "ON" for these to work in the opponent's Draw Phase.

Opening hand: Volcanic Trooper + Volcanic Blaze Accelerator / Volcanic Rimfire + a Volcanic that can be Normal Summoned/Set.

  1. Normal Summon Volcanic Trooper. Trooper searches Rimfire or VBA (whichever you don't already have)
  2. Activate VBA sending Blaze Accelerator.
  3. Use VBA to Special Summon Rimfire from hand
  4. Link off Rimfire for Relinquished Anima. Rimfire banishes VBA for a new VBA.
  5. Use Relinquished Anima and Trooper to summon Greater Inari Fire. Burn 1000 off the Bomb Token.
  6. Use VBA to Special Summon the other Volcanic name from your hand.
  7. Link off both monsters for a Link-2. Greater Inari Fire searches Fire Art Kurenai.
  8. VBA fires at the Bomb Token, sending a 2nd Rimfire. Burning 500.
  9. Rimfire GY effect self-banishes to send Volcanic Emperor.
  10. Banish from GY your 3 Pyros, summoning Volcanic Emperor. Emperor on summon Burns 2000 and sets Volcanic Emission.
  11. Set Fire Art - Kurenei. Pass for turn.
  12. Draw Phase. Activate chain link 1 Volcanic Emission targeting Emperor, resolve chain, Burning 1550.
  13. New chain, activate Fire Art Kurenai Burning for 3100 of the remaining 2950.

= 8150

Being as generic as it is, it comes up a lot. Even a simple extender could be suffice on the third slot, but we are only talking about PURE here. All these are frail, negating Trooper would usually be enough to stop the FTK. Or at least, without adding in more archetypical engines like Sinful Spoils.

Other FTK combo starting hands:

Opening hand: Volcanic Trooper + Fire Ejection + a discard fodder card

Opening hand: Fire Ejection + Volcanic Blaze Accelerator + Volcanic Shell

Anti-Maxx "C" combos

Maxx "C" is always an issue but especially strong against Volcanics. Key to winning in MD is preparing for this famine inducing infestation.

For Pure, they're all a version of Double Emperor Pass. While it may not look like much, they are surprisingly resilient to live until turn 3. Decks are quite incapable of getting to their monster removal quickly. After having bare barely survived, you will have VBA either on field for removal, or in GY as summon fodder for Emperor. You only have to Burn or attack for ~4K total against a half baked opposing endboard, as that's the cost of summoning monster removal quickly, generally.

Opening hand: Volcanic Trooper + Volcanic Blaze Accelerator

  1. Play VBA, dumping Blaze Accelerator
  2. Normal Summon Volcanic Trooper, attempt search. Maxx "C" was revealed. Search now becomes Volcanic Rimfire.
  3. Discard Volcanic Rimfire summoning a Bomb Token.
  4. Self banish Rimfire for Volcanic Emperor.
  5. Special Summon Volcanic Emperor by banishing Blaze Accelerator.
  6. Volcanic Emperor Burns for 500, and sets Volcanic Emission.
  7. Use Volcanic Blaze Accelerator to GY dump a level 1 Pyro of choice, destroying the Bomb Token for 500.
  8. Pass turn and summon Volcanic Emperor off of Volcanic Emission.

Maxx "C" draws = 2. Opponent gets 7 Special Summons if left uninterrupted.

Other Anti-Maxx "C" starting hands:

Opening hand: Volcanic Trooper + Volcanic Rimfire

Opening hand: Volcanic Blaze Accelerator + Volcanic Rimfire

Again, their step-by-step combo can be found here: Combo Compendium.


It took Konami 10 YEARS to make a new Pyro-archetype and it seems they saved it all for this. Unlike most decks in 2024 that add Snake-Eyes because they are meta, or because they want to use Loading... ; we run Snake-Eyes because they contribute everything the deck needs effortlessly and synergizes with them in both directions. From filling the GY with Pyros to fuel Emperor, to enabling the FTK with building blocks, to extension with already obligatory Pyro/FIRE support spells, down to even the fact we can Foolish Burial small Snakes for cost. These 2 archetypes fit like hand in glove.

The Snake Pit

Snake-Eye Ash
Snake-Eye Ash
It's the 1-card combo. Run as many as legal.
Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon
Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon
It's insane extension and has a removal effect. We need 1 and only ever run 1.
Snake-Eyes Poplar
Snake-Eyes Poplar
Obligatory at 1 but you should run 2 or 3. Has a 2-card FTK and 1-card Double Emperor Pass combo. It's also an extender, monster removal search, and a Level 1 Pyro & Snake-Eye name.
Snake-Eye Oak
Snake-Eye Oak
Not part of the FTK but serves various other uses like in 1-card Double Emperor Pass or as a main target to s/t with Temple. We synergize more with this card's GY/Banish recursion than pure Snake-Eyes do to the point it has become an essential turn 3 enabler.
Snake-Eye Birch
Snake-Eye Birch
A general extender, another Snake-Eye name, and another Level 1 Pyro for ammo. Useful, but competes with the 3rd Poplar.
Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye
Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye
Fantastic extension through Nibiru, a defensive Maxx "C" play, and general turn 2 survival potential.

The Sinful

Diabellstar the Black Witch
WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils
Original Sinful Spoils - Snake-Eye
Sinful Spoils of Subversion - Snake-Eye
Loading... / Loading... represents half of the requirement for a FTK. We run as many as legal.

Loading... referred to as "OSS". The crux of every Level 1 FIRE deck on why to use the Diabellstar engine. We need 1 but consider 2 as it still enables a combo often enough.

Loading... is searchable monster removal. Typically included.

Upcoming confession of sin

Snake-Eyes Diabellstar
Snake-Eyes Diabellstar enables further extension and even more gain from Temple. While it can brick, it further rounds synergies with Volcanics as we are given more reason to dump Snake-Eyes.

Other synergizing cards in Volcanic Snake-Eye lists:

Magicians' Souls
Magicians' Souls can Special Summon itself from hand by GY dumping Diabellstar. It itself is a Spellcaster for Greater Inari Fire. And it can draw you 1-2 cards while GY dumping spells/traps *for cost* (even off field). Yes, those include s/t monsters. These are big positives, but this implies something to send, which may not always be possible. In addition, it's vulnerable to about any handtraps.
Small World
Small World increases your chances of getting Snake-Eye Ash. Mostly unnecessary but with every Limit it becomes more valid. Currently, Volcanics lists have access to respectable boards often enough to not need this, as it can still be fairly bricky. It also fails to add Volcanic Trooper without bridge pieces.

FTK Combos

Pure Volcanics were already respectably consistent at FTKs. But can it be simplified and improved? All that's needed to FTK is access to Rimfire, 1 GY recursion, and x-link materials including 1 additional Pyro monster, and some Main Deck space = Volcanic Snake-Eye FTK.

General advice: for Emperors Banishes you would want to remove Snake-Eye Ash and Poplar, that way opposing Loading... can't steal it and combo off, but you yourself can still access Ash later by using Snake-Eye Oak.

1-card combo:

Opening hand: Snake-Eye Ash / Bonfire / (One for One + fodder)

Before explaining this combo, if you have Loading... , do try to use her BEFORE performing this combo. Not only will it serve as a handtrap check, it also means you can search Temple of the Snake-Eye at (*).

(( 0. Search and add Snake-Eye Ash from deck to hand. Yes, even in Volcanics we still search this when going first. ))

  1. Normal summon Snake-Eye Ash, search Poplar.

  2. Special Summon Poplar. Poplar search OSS (*).

  3. Link off Poplar for Linkuriboh. Poplar s/t's itself.

  4. Ash summons Snake-Eyes Flamberge off itself and the s/t Poplar.

  5. Flamberge effect to put a monster on your spell/trap zone.

  6. OSS sends s/t monster for Rimfire.

  7. You have 3 bodies, link 2 of them for Barricade, I:P, or directly make Promethean Princess.

  8. Flamberge's GY effect Special Summons Ash and Poplar, Rimfire self banishes to GY dump Volcanic Trooper.

  9. Promethean Princess recurses Trooper. Trooper searches Volcanic Emperor.

  10. Trooper discard Emperor, Special Summon a Bomb Token.

  11. Link off Princess + Trooper for Raging Phoenix/Amblowhale.

  12. Link off a level 1 Pyro for Relinquished Anima.

  13. Use Anima + a Pyro to special from deck Greater Inari Fire. Greater inari uses the token to Burn 1000.

From here the set up branches based on what FTK piece you use:

S:P Little Knight
Knightmare Cerberus
Donner, Dagger Fur Hire
Geonator Transverser
These represent 3 lines to FTK, but all branch from the same point. You only need 1, but it's recommended to run 2.

S:P line

Loading... is the most compact by being a card you already run as she is just that good. She enables FTK by banishing a Pyro from your GY prior to summoning Emperor so he Burns 500 more.

  1. Summon S:P Little Knight. Target Greater Inari Fire, banishing it.
  2. Special Summon Volcanic Emperor, Burning for 2500 and setting Volcanic Emission.
  3. Set Fire Art Kurenai. Pass for turn.
  4. Draw Phase. Activate chain link 1 Volcanic Emission targeting Emperor, resolve chain, Burning 1550.
  5. New chain, activate Fire Art Kurenai Burning for 3100 of the remaining 2950.

= 8150

This combo does leave a minor weakness, namely the fact that the high usage Loading... can use Emperor and the Token as material without our ability to respond, thus stopping the FTK.

Cerberus line

Loading... FTK was discovered in ~February 2024. Loading... is identical here. It creates an FTK immune to Loading... by destroying the token for 500. Cerberus does so at cost of 1 card (you may even want to discard), but at least it itself remains on field for further link plays when going second (unlike Donner).

  1. Special Summon Volcanic Emperor, Burning for 2000 and setting Volcanic Emission.
  2. Summon Knightmare Cerberus targeting the token, discard 1 card. pop for 500.
  3. Set Fire Art Kurenai. Pass for turn.
  4. Draw Phase. Activate chain link 1 Volcanic Emission targeting Emperor, resolve chain, Burning 1550.
  5. New chain, activate Fire Art Kurenai Burning for 3100 of the remaining 2950.

= 8150

Geonator line

Loading... was the first FTK combo discovered. It has the biggest Burn potential, but can still be Super Polymerization stopped, and you are wide-open if you fail this FTK. You will also need a 1900+ FIRE Link-2 or 3 (Knightmare Phoenix or a 2nd Princess for 2700)

  1. Trooper discard Emperor, Special Summon a Bomb Token in the center monster zone.

  2. Link off Princess + Trooper for Raging Phoenix/Amblowhale.

  3. Link off a Level 1 Pyro for Relinquished Anima.

  4. Send Relinquished and a Pyro to GY, to summon from deck Greater Inari Fire. Use its effect on the token for 1000 Burn.

  5. Link both for Geonator Transverser. Grabbing Spiritual Fire Art off Greater Inari Fire.

  6. Make Emperor on the Geonator Arrow. Burn 2000 and set Volcanic Emission. Switch control.

  7. Linkuriboh GY summons off the token.

  8. Make a 2nd Promethean Princess.

  9. Set Fire Art - Kurenei. Pass for turn.

  10. Draw phase (*opponent could Super Poly here before your activation) activate Fire Art Tributing the FIRE Link for 1900+. Same chain, activate Volcanic Emission targeting Emperor for 3100.

= 8000-8800. There is potential for an additional 2000 Burn by first making Geonator, then summoning Emperor, then making Greater Inari Fire. But is only done if you have a Spellcaster like Diabellstar already on field in a non-intrusive Monster zone (at this stage of the combo), as Princess FIRE locks you out of summoning Relinquished.

Because of how wasteful this is, and how potent it is to Burn more, this is the most stared at for future optimizations.

2-card FTKs

Opening hand: Volcanic Trooper + Diabellstar the Black Witch / WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils + (1-2) discard fodder(s)

Opening hand: Snake-Eyes Poplar + Diabellstar the Black Witch / WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils

These 2-card FTK combos their step-by-step can be found in the Combo Compendium.

None-FTK Combos

Poplar for Double Emperor Pass

This particular combo flips Snake-eyes on their head. It's only used when Poplar is the only usable card.

Opening hand: Snake-Eyes Poplar

  1. Normal summon Snake-Eyes Poplar, and search OSS.
  2. Link off Poplar for Linkuriboh, s/t Poplar.
  3. Use OSS on s/t Poplar, summoning Snake-Eye Oak.
  4. Oak summons Poplar.
  5. Use Oak to send itself and Linkuriboh from field to GY to summon Snake-Eye Ash.
  6. Snake-Eye Ash search Volcanic Rimfire.
  7. Link off Ash and Poplar to summon Barricadeborg Blocker.
  8. Blocker discards Rimfire.
  9. Rimfire Banishes itself from GY to dump Volcanic Emperor.
  10. Volcanic Emperor banishes all 3 Snake-Eyes from GY to summon itself, Burn 2000, and set Volcanic Emission. Pass for turn.
  11. Summon a second Volcanic Emperor with Volcanic Emission whenever considered timely.

2000 Burn headstart on Double Emperor Pass limits the opponent's Special Summons to 6 if uninterrupted. Sadly, there is no Volcanic Emperor recursion for turn 3 and it exhausts Snake-Eyes. With a handtrap you might be able to win, but by itself it's lackluster.

If you used Diabellstar prior and she got negated, you could use her for Greater Inari Fire on (2.) instead of Linkuriboh; searching Kurenai for another 3100 Burn. Alternatively, you could have made Promethean Princess for further interruption and follow-up potential.

I:P & Temple Pass / Snake-Eyes' Anti-Maxx "C" board

Opening hand: Snake-Eye Ash / Bonfire

(( 0. Search and add Snake-Eye Ash from deck to hand. ))

  1. Normal summon Snake-Eye Ash, search Poplar.
  2. Attempt Special of Poplar. Maxx "C" is revealed by the opponent. Poplar is Special Summoned and searches Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye.
  3. Activate Temple and put Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon.
  4. Link Off Poplar and Ash for Loading... . Poplar s/t Ash. Pass turn.

Endboard: Temple, I:P, s/t flamberge, s/t Snake-Eye Ash. Opponent drew 2 cards.

When your opponent Normal or Special Summons a monster:

  1. Activate Temple summoning Flamberge.
  2. Activate Flamberge to summon Snake-Eye Ash
  3. Activate Snake-Eye Ash to search Poplar
  4. Special Summon Poplar and search OSS / Sinful Spoils of Subversion - Snake-Eye.
  5. Link Off I:P for Loading... whenever you think is most suited. Then summon 2 Snake-Eyes as defensive bodies to help you survive the turn.

Apo is 4 monster negates. You searched OSS, and have Snakes in GY to banish for Volcanic Emperor. It's not ideal but you get to play the game.


Horus doesn't have insane synergy, they are simply the best available GY dump engin with the least brick potential. Rank 8 XYZ also have consistency providers.

Minimal package

Loading... starts it all. GY dump what you don't need, draw a card, and access Rank 8. Works wonders with Loading... .

Loading... Hapi is the 2nd best Horus but a complete brick. A SR Horus name is also sufficient here if you want to budget this

Loading... is the main body here. It gambles. Sending 4 cards could include GY dumps, or summonable starters. Amidst FIRE meta of 2024, if you run Snake-Eyes in the list, this could be 8 cards starter rate.

Loading... is fully optional to include or exclude. Its use is to safeguard the FTK from cards like Nibiru and give play on turn 2 if your FTK got interrupted from cards like Infinite Impermanence. Surplus, but a safe one.

Loading... is run at 1 in Master Duel with minimal package. It has potential to unbrick hands.

Horus Pack Extensions
Duamutef, Blessing of Horus
King's Sarcophagus
Coach King Giantrainer

Loading... is the main target for this and why 3 Horus names are used. It draws up to 3 cards instead of doing mill gambles like Loading... . This can easily turn a bricked hand into full FTK. By drawing Monster cards it also Burns up to a meaty 800-2400.

A second Loading... means more consistent access to Coach, leading to more FTK potential even in an otherwise bricked hand.

Loading... is the 3rd best Horus name.

Why don't more people use the extensions?

  • Zombie Vampire, at least in 2024 FIRE meta, gives better chances than Coach.
  • Maxx "C" turns the second King's Sarcophagus from an unbrick tool into a brick itself.
  • Third Horus name is 100% a brick. The fewer there are, the more one gets to play the game.

Fire King

Where Snake-Eyes have synergy in almost all aspects with Volcanics, Fire Kings have the amazing FIRE synergy and are the best FIRE-attribute GY dumpers. They have less to do with increasing clean FTK odds, more to do with extending and controlling. This variant arguably has the highest ceiling around.

Let's get the elephant out the room; you don't play this because it wins you almost every game. Go play Snake-Eye Fire King instead if it's wins you are after. This variant is horrendous against Maxx "C", can't put in 10+ handtraps because of the FIRE-Attribute density while capping the deck limit, and on top of that manages to get the worst FTK % of any variant in this guide.

Why you would want to play this is: you enjoy seeing 5 different starters and extenders in hand that can play through various handtraps and negates, going first and second, and still come out victorious.

All respect to Ricardo McBride for having won a 500 duelist nationals and topped another with this; but TCG lists like these just don't work as well in Master Duel.

The Kingdom of Flames

Fire King Island
The essence of Fire Kings. Can turn any 1 card you have into a Fire King to jump starting the combos. It also potentially extends with a Winged-Beast Fire King from hand. It is of importance that you do not send this card for cost, or replace it with Temple as that will board wipe you.
Fire King Sanctuary
Searcher for Fire King Island. The protection is vital to not give the opponent an out. Thanks to those 2 traits, this card is valuable enough to run at more than 1 copy. Lastly, the XYZ effect paired with Loading... who's a respectable interruption.
Fire King High Avatar Kirin

Is a Quick Effect pop for FIRE monsters. This lets you combo start your Fire Kings, but it also doubles as a GY dump for Rimfire / Shell. It also serves as a potential Impermanence / Effect Veiler dodge. You only need 1 but it's obvious to see why you may want to use more.

Sacred Fire King Garunix
Obligatory combo piece. Also provides Rank 8 access and OTK potential.
Fire King Avatar Kirin
Obligatory to turn Garunix's deck pop into a generic FIRE GY dump. Its extension is nice but too bad it's a Beast instead of a Winged-Beast.
Legendary Fire King Ponix
Legendary Fire King Ponix
A starter to search Sanctuary. He is a happy little 🐦. If one of your FIRE monsters is destroyed he is a free summon.
Fire King Courtier Ulcanix
Fire King Courtier Ulcanix
Ponix + Fire Temple's line compressed into 1 but without additional summoning options. Because she can level manipulate, Normal Summoning her represents a Rank 8 + Fire-type Foolish.
Fire King Avatar Arvata
Fire King Avatar Arvata
A searchable monster negate that can be Normal Summoned.
Fire King Avatar Barong
A searchable spell/trap negate that can be Normal Summoned. Less useful going first than Arvata, which is why it's not often used in this.
Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf
Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf
Obligated in these lists to add Fire King High Avatar Kirin back to hand. Also more combo potent in these when sending Snake-Eyes Poplar with VBA, as adding that card back to hand is full combo
Garunix Eternity, Hyang of the Fire Kings
Garunix Eternity, Hyang of the Fire Kings
Is the (only) Extra Deck Pyro monster worth summoning. It's a board whip for monsters, has spell / trap removal, and floats. It's a good choice when going second but your chances to summon this as an interruption with Sanctuary are notably lower than Snake-Eye Fire Kings have it.


I could copy/paste the exact lines Fire King Snake-Eye guide has, but instead I will simply redirect you to them.

I will however detail a line that lets you GY dump Rimfire using Loading... .

  1. Legendary Fire King Ponix is summoned and searches Fire King Sanctuary.
  2. Activate Sanctuary to add Fire King Island.
  3. Activate Island to destroy a FIRE monster in hand, searching Sacred Fire King Garunix.
  4. Garunix can Special Summon itself from hand and destroy Fire King Avatar Kirin from deck.
  5. Fire King Avatar Kirin sends Rimfire from deck to GY.
  6. Rimfire Banishes itself for a different Volcanic name.

Anything before and after this is mixing and matching what you have available.

A Fire King variant Deck

This list took a fat page out of Ricardo's list. It carries few handtraps and focuses on extending through handtraps and negates going first & second. Which is in-line with his explanation.

Main deck adjustments: Add Maxx "C" package and resolve legality disparities like Bonfire's Semi-Limit. At the cost of Scattershot and some consistency.

Extra Deck adjustments: Took out Loading... & Loading... for Loading... & Loading... . Selene is a bridger to Access, it's not often you need to make Access outside of those situations. Blocker was needed to increase FTK odds and Loading... is the best current choice for the last slot.

  • If you have at least 1 starter and 2 bodies: there is a real chance you can access FTK. Anything more is insurance.
  • One of the only existent decks that can play through 5+ potential interrupts and say "should I win by Battle or Burn them for FUN?"
  • Has Snake-Eyes, Fire King, Horus, all while itself being a chunky Burn deck.
  • Is worse than the engines it uses

  • By accepting these terms, the user consents to any and all harm caused by Maxx "C", and forfeits any and all rights of complaint about Konami Group Corporations patented balancing mechanics.

  • Has few handtraps to limit opposing plays.

  • Bricks a good amount of times.

60 cards


Snake-Eye Fiendsmith are all the rage in 2024 OCG, it just hit TCG, but won't be in Master Duel anytime soon. Like Snake-Eyes, we aren't using it because they are good (they undeniably are). Instead, Konami had the bright idea of giving Loading... an effect that is almost always omitted in Extra Deck cards; a beefy 1200 Burn. The fact it weaves in with Snake-Eyes, has no brick potential, AND gives Beatrice access in a GY oriented deck; yea we run these.

Loading... opens up Fiendsmith to eventually become 1200 Burn and a GY dump.

I can already hear Smith enjoyers shout that I forgot to add Loading... and Loading... , these are no doubt amazing inclusions, but not needed for the following FTK. We technically don't even need Loading... for this but a searchable discard tool is desirable here.

The 5 Extra Deck cards can be fit, but the last 2 Extra Deck slot(s) are heavily competed; Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , and more.


Fiendsmith Snake-Eye combo

Because of the already absurd size of the Snake-Eye & Smith combo, this guide will only go over the following main line for Volcanics and 1 other Smith line for utility/extension.

Opening hand: Snake-Eye Ash / Bonfire / (One for One + fodder)

  1. (Search and) Summon Snake-Eye Ash to search Snake-Eyes Poplar.
  2. Special Summon Poplar. Use Poplar to search Temple.
  3. Temple set Loading... .
  4. Poplar linked off for Linkuriboh. Poplar GY effect s/t Poplar.
  5. Snake-Eye Ash sends the s/t Poplar and itself to summon Snake-Eye Oak.
  6. Oak summons a Snake-Eye.
  7. Link both the Snake-Eye and Linkuriboh for Loading... .
  8. Link off Moon of the Closed Sky for Fiendsmith Requiem. Activate Fiendsmith Requiem to summon from deck Fiendsmith Engraver.
  9. Activate Requiem from GY to s/t itself.
  10. Activate Oak to send the s/t Requiem and itself for Snake-Eyes Flamberge.
  11. Link off Flamberge and Fiendsmith Engraver for Fiendsmith Sequentia. Triggering Flamberge for 2 small snakes.
  12. Use Sequentia on Closed Sky and Requiem, summoning Fiendsmith Lacrimosa. Lacramosa triggers to summon Fiendsmith Engraver.

From here multiple options open up, but we focus on Volcanic FTK.

  1. XYZ Beatrice using Fiendsmith Engraver and Lacramosa.
  2. Activate Beatrice to GY dump Rimfire by detaching Lacramosa.
  3. Lacramosa GY triggers to Burn 1200, Rimfire GY triggers to self banish for Volcanic Trooper.
  4. Summon Relinquished Anima off a Snake.
  5. Summon Promethean Princess off Beatrice and Sequentia. Princess summons Trooper.
  6. Trooper activates to search Volcanic Emperor.

(( 19. Trooper activates discarding Emperor, summoning a Bomb Token.))

  1. Summon Greater Inari Fire using Trooper or a snake and Relinquished Anima, ((Burn 1000 off the Bomb Token.))

  2. Link off Greater Inari Fire and Promethean Princess for Raging Phoenix / Amblowhale. Greater Inari Fire searches Fire Art Kurenai on GY send.

  3. Special Summon Snake-Eyes Diabellstar s/t Flamberge or Oak.

  4. Use Fiendsmith's GY effect to Special Summon itself.

  5. Link summon I:P using Snake-Eyes Diabellstar and Fiendsmith.

  6. Link Summon S:P Little Knight using Raging Phoenix and the small Snake. Banish Greater Inari Fire.

  7. Banish 3 Pyros to Special Summon Volcanic Emperor, Burning for 2500 and setting Volcanic Emission.

  8. Set Fire Art Kurenai. Pass for turn.

Endboard: S:P, I:P, Emperor, Emission, Fire Art, Temple + s/t Oak.

  1. Draw phase, trigger Volcanic Emission on Emperor, Burn 1550. Resolve Chain.
  2. New Chain, tribute Emperor for Fire Art Kurenai, Burning for 3100.

= 8350

Step 19 isn't needed for FTK and put there to contrast how we otherwise would have FTK'd with Cerberus / Donner without material loss. However, this is an additional Burn source, giving more validity to other smaller Burners like Scattershot, (Scattershot represents 500, 1000 (s/t using Poplar), or 1500 Burn ).

Smith as a GY dump Starter

Opening hand: Fiendsmith Engraver

  1. Discard Fiendsmith Engraver searching Sanctuary
  2. Use Sanctuary to summon a token
  3. Link off the token for Fiendsmith Requiem.
  4. Requiem activates to summon a Fiendsmith from deck.
  5. Use the effect of Fiendsmith Engraver for GY to summon itself by shuffling Requiem.
  6. XYZ summon Beatrice off both smiths.

Costs the ability to attack that turn but can GY dump anything you need.

Deck List(s)

It's not practical to recommend a deck list for this when it will take up to half a year before Fiendsmith release in Master Duel, and many Snake-Eye hits are being done at this very moment. However I will detail the Top 64 in YCS Japan Tokyo 2024 list from 大気 list as it has important fundamentals.

Because OCG =/= Master Duel, a few legality and restrictions have to be made. So long as none of OSS, Snake-Eye Ash, Flamberge, and Poplar are not banned, the entire Snake-Eye inclusion remains certain to be valid. In the same way Loading... remains legal to no-brain include Fiendsmith. A second copy of OSS, a 3rd VBA, 1+ Fire Recovery, and many more of this guide are sufficient replacements for many recent Snake-Eye / FIRE Limits as the combo idea is the same.

The Smith engine as a whole is a superior GY dumper to Fire Ejection. Being able to access both a proper dump from deck with Beatrice and an instant discard effect with Tractus. Smith being able to make OSS free by using Requiem's GY effect is also worth mentioning. This overall just means cards like Fire Ejection and even Foolish Burial are of lower value.

However, I would strongly advise taking out Loading... for Loading... . This change allows for 1-card Double Emperor Pass, the 2-card FTK of Poplar + Diabellstar, and for Reload to be discarded so you can Scattershot Raigeki them. Currently in Master Duel, Accesscode's OTK potential or removal aren't in high demand.

Standalone cards

Loading... . Its summon condition is passively achieved with Volcanics and Snake-Eyes. By using Loading... it becomes the silliest FTK enabler. Volcanic Rocket + this, and Snake-Eyes Poplar + this; are both FTKs. Their combos can be found in the Combo Compendium. Its synergies outside of enabling FTK are limited, can still brick, and requires the use of Trick Clown; but its Spell/trap removal & its extension are both of value.

Loading... is a Volcanic card in effect but not by typing or name. It's an free extender body that on-summon dumps Volcanic Emperor. It synergizes well with Volcanics and Snake-Eyes, but especially well with Volcanic Rocket to make Loading... who in turn searches Snake-Eyes Poplar enabling an FTK. 0-2 off, shame we don't have another Level 8 Pyro worth dumping...

Loading... is a Level 8 Pyro pack filler made to synergize with Volcanics and Electro Blaster. His minor positives are hard to argue as being worthwhile.

Loading... . In spite of Volcanics' focus on GY dumping, This is a bricky win-more card. Volcanics don't have many targets and lack the native dumping capacity to make good use of this. Perhaps some future Laval support could abuse this instead.


Ashened are a TCG exclusive DARK Pyro archetype. They aren't great on their own as they Extra Deck lock to Pyro (bad even in our Pyro decks) and are DARK Attributes which mess with our synergies. Unless you insist on using Loading... , they aren't worthwhile, except for:

Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction

A DARK Pyro-type handtrap against Field Spells. It summons itself to the opposing field where it remains an annoyance as sending it to GY would cause a board wipe. With the upcoming arrival of Tenpai and Konami's insatiable desire to give new decks a Field Spell; this card can find a warm home in our Pyro deck lists. The DARK Attribute and odd level also make for a near ideal 1-off Small World bridge piece.

The Payne96 cycle...

After the historical waiting period of 1505 days, the massive support wave of August 2023 made Volcanics who they are now. Thanks to the sturdy backbone, coherent structure, and strong association with the Pyro typing as a whole; this deck will be capable of enduring the power creep war for years to come.

And with many more potent anime cards for them to add in the future, the Volcanic player base is always waiting for the next Pyro support to come.

Are all battalions properly armed and equipped?

Read enough of the tabs? Let's overview what a typical Volcanic deck list looks like. It contains various engines from this guide, as per legality of July 10th 2024.

Volcanic Grass

While most decks bloat themselves to 60 use Loading... , it's an afterthought for this deck as they're naturally ~45 cards without including handtraps or extenders.

The Main Deck is optimized (for current banlist). Though you could drop the Magicians' Souls, Nibiru, and Fire Ejections to run 55-56 card Grass. (blasphemous but valid against Maxx "C").

For the Extra deck: this one runs Donner, Dagger Fur Hire and S:P Little Knight to increase FTK consistency. Donner, Photonlord, and Underworld Goddess are all replaceable by Loading... , Loading... + Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , or Loading... .


50+% FTK chance, 15+% among those are safeguarded with Photonlord using Horus, and more are potent to gas through interrupts. But even if you are locked out of FTK, you may be able to put up 3-4 material Apolousa with Snake-Eyes, or Double Emperor Pass with Volcanics. A lot exists between these as well.

Going second, there's searchable monster removal tools in Subversion and VBA. Link-2 Charmers can steal opposing Snake-Eyes or Diabellstar for combo. The Battle Phase can be used to remove- or force activation of cards like S:P and I:P; and then Burn for game later. Greater Inari Fire's capacity to Burn 3000 against typical endboards helps a lot here.

Turn 3: GY-effect OSS, sufficient search targets, Princess, and Emperor's easy summoning condition; this deck has plenty to bounce back-up. And if this wasn't solid enough, you can run Loading... to secure future plays.


🪳 Maxx "C" 🪳

Maxx "C" is the main reason Volcanics' OCG tour usage is so much lower than TCG's, in spite of existent placements in either format being near (or at) the top.

While the deck is plenty potent to gas through handtraps, even if it means losing the FTK, it can't do that with Maxx "C". Respecting the "C" and going for its custom anti-boards is adviced, otherwise you may die trying to play through it. Loading... is a valid tech for that.

🧱 Brick 🧱

The various high level monsters and cards you don't want to draw, all native to the core of the deck. This make for a near 20% of your games having a hand that doesn't put up something respectable. Though you do usually get a handtrap or 2 and/or turn 2 playmakers among that %.

🪶 Lacking backrow removal 🪶

Sounds really bad for most decks, but in reality Volcanics don't mind nearly as much. The high amount of Burn in this deck means we can win in 3-4 dragged out turns a Mikanko, Labrynth, or various backrow heavy decks normally outresource others in. Even Skill Drain focused decks fail to get free wins, as there are next to no monsters that can out an easily accessible 3100 ATK Volcanic Emperor.

Despite this, decks like Barrier Stun and Horus Stun are as miserable as ever and Rescue-Ace requires 4+ unique names in hand to match, let alone beat.

All combined, this is still a respectably small list of weaknesses for its versatile strengths. It may take a while to master, and cost a lot of UR, but certainly forces respect from whomever it faces.

60 cards
2 copies
Magicians' Souls
3 copies
Maxx "C"
3 copies
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
3 copies
Volcanic Trooper
3 copies
Volcanic Shell
2 copies
Volcanic Rimfire
Snake-Eye Ash
Snake-Eye Oak
3 copies
Snake-Eyes Poplar
Awakening of the Possessed - Greater Inari Fire
3 copies
Imsety, Glory of Horus
Hapi, Guidance of Horus
Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon
2 copies
Volcanic Emperor
2 copies
Nibiru, the Primal Being
Blaze Accelerator
3 copies
Volcanic Blaze Accelerator
Blaze Accelerator Reload
3 copies
Diabellstar the Black Witch
Fire Recovery
One for One
WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils
2 copies
2 copies
Fire Ejection
King's Sarcophagus
Sinful Spoils of Subversion - Snake-Eye
2 copies
Original Sinful Spoils - Snake-Eye
Divine Temple of the Snake-Eye
2 copies
Called by the Grave
Crossout Designator
Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai
3 copies
Infinite Impermanence
That Grass Looks Greener
Volcanic Emission

I hope 🫵 YOU will give Volcanics a try as I fell in love with the decks relentlessness even admits one of the most boring metas around.

Written by