How to join DMC Tournaments:
Subscribe to Dkayed on Twitch, or Join on YouTube, then join our Discord.
Recent Events
夜中のCS 12/01
December 3rd, 2022
Hey! Cup #40
November 28th, 2022
Dkayed Meta Weekly #41
November 28th, 2022
Dkayed Meta Weekly #40
November 20th, 2022
GGtoor x DLE Showdown #17
November 20th, 2022
Third Eye Weekly #34
November 19th, 2022
Damage Step Master Duel #51
November 17th, 2022
AppMedia Cup #8
November 15th, 2022
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  • Meta Weekly
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  • Meme Weekly
  • Duelist Cup

These 4-person mini-tournaments run 24/7 within the Discord. Once 4 people sign up to a tournament you are good to go!

  • 1 deck + 15-card side deck
  • Best of 3: Single elimination
  • Entry fee: 1 Meta Ticket

Join the Discord as a subscribed member. After purchasing a Meta Ticket:

  • 4 players sign-up with ?enterticket to gain access to the #anytime-tournament-room channel
  • A moderator is notified to create a sign-up and duel room
  • The winner posts their decklist in the #1st-place-decks channel to be paid at the end of every week