Win Streaks from on November 24th, 2022

Author Notes

This deck is fun, and it has a competitive streak still.


  1. Considering how hard I botched one of the games in this streak and still wound up winning, I can say that for a deck that seemingly has one plan, make The Arrival and/or Accesscode Talker, the deck is still incredibly forgiving, and that also translates to being able to play through disruption as well.
  2. Play 3 A.I.Lands and Terraforming. After a long discussion about it on Discord, they convinced me, and if for no other reason, A.I. Contact is an excellent card that is much easier to play than it appears.
  3. I should have two Accesscode Talkers in the Extra deck, but I don't because I only own one and my budget and UR points are going towards other archetypes at the moment.