True Draco

Win Streaks from on June 25th, 2023
cp-ur 0 cp-sr 510
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Seeing 10+ cards every turn = good.

Initially the Soul Drains were Anti-Spell Fragrances, but they were always just bricks or tribute fodder, while Soul Drain won games singlehandedly sometimes. The cards I was least impressed by in this build were Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo (often his effect was negated by my floodgates, so it was kind of a non-bo) and The Monarchs Stormforth, but they were useful sometimes.


Branded Bystials: 3/5 60%

Tearlaments: 1/2 50%

Spright: 1/2 50%

Thunder Dragon: 2/2 100%

Dragon Link: 1/1 100%

Mekk-Knights: 0/1 0%

Adamancipator: 1/1 100%

Numeron: 0/1 0%

Labrynth: 1/1 100%

Nurse Burn (???): 1/1 100%

Only 17 games because those were the ones I played before getting the 5-win streak.

Surprisingly fine when I had to go second, especially because people don't like to read cards and they often got tricked by True Draco Apocalypse.

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