Earth Machine

Win Streaks from on January 14th, 2023
cp-ur 750 + cp-sr 480
46 cards

Notes & Combos

I just created this I will explain combo as possible in 1,2 days... too complicated so I will my best Few combo from ianz18 Ch in youtube! Hes great Earth machine user I ever seen. Keep in mind this isn't friendly for newbie... and alot combos. So I will try do simple for videos as possible.

Combo will be soon

1st: (3 combo cards: Machina Redeloyment , 1 random card(discard for Machina Redeloyment), and 1 lvl 10 cards(any lvl 10 for Machina Fortress)



Checkout my replays!

*Player id: 864-136-415

You can check my profiles for replay... idk why diamond have alot ppl play uhh like not try hard so I can't have a good replay for now but I will get it if I got one

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