WCS 2024 Qualifiers DLv. Max from on June 13th, 2024
cp-ur 780 + cp-sr 480
40 cards

Notes & Combos

"Oh my God, yes. I love Fossil Dyna. I would die for Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. This fun and interactive card is going to change my life and it's going to be the best card ever."

After div.15 i lost like 80% of my coin tosses so it was rough but i managed to reach div.20 with a 6 games winstreak 3 1st 3 2nd.

I don't like evnly it never really came up so i cut it.

Water statue is the best one cuz we have other cards to beat tear.

Pls play Luna.

Lil tip, if you go 1st and have Luna + Golgonda activate golgonda 1st so luna doesn't die from a potential gamma

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