True Draco

WCS 2023 Qualifiers DLv. Max from on May 25th, 2023
cp-ur 270 + cp-sr 360
40 cards

Notes & Combos

NOTE : We're not playing Extra Deck because Monarchs Erupt effect. Its like 3 Skill Drain but we still can use our tribute monster effect, at cost we need control tributed monster. if your tribute monster is destroyed, as long you can tribute another one at your opponent turn the effect will last and not gonna send itself to GY.

Dimension Shifter gonna hurt our card abit for one turn since we cant use the GY effect of our Spell/Trap Draco card, but it will hurt the Tearlament players more. with your Draco monster on field you shouldnt worry to search for the new Spell/Trap card, just be careful because you cant activate the Spell/Trap GY effect that turn. all we need is just apocalypse at the battle phase, halfing their ATK.

Majesty search for your Dinomight / Ignis, playing one because i dont really like to see two on my opening hand. we also have waterfall searcher that search our True Draco card next turn. if you dont have waterfall can play Majesty at 2.

Waterfall of Dragon Souls is a searcher for the any Draco monster you need, then if you have True Draco trap card on your field, you can use their tribute summon effect and activate your True Draco Spell/Trap by sending it to GY.

Dimensional Fissure at one because i already using 3 Necrovalley and its kinda FTK on tearlament by itself, so i decided to not add more since i need to make some room for my 3 Solemn Judgement to counter the backrow removal, especially Evenly Matched.

Desires can play at 3 but i think 2 is enough, Feel free to add/remove any card to your liking.

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