Theme Chronicle from on January 20th, 2024
cp-ur 810 + cp-sr 510
40 cards

Notes & Combos

As of uploading this list, I'm currently 8-1. I've only lost the first game I played against basically a full combo Scrap/Orcust deck that went first while I opened with 6 monsters.

As for the deck, it feels like a general "good stuff" trap deck. If you want it to be a bit less bricky, I'd probably remove Abomination and Faces, so that they aren't potentially dead depending on your hand.

I only drew into Abomniation once and it was a brick, however, I did use Faces a fair amount. Although, it was dead for a few turns in a few games for a little bit.

Using the 3 Pot cards, since why not. If you want, you could use Pot of Prosperity as well, but I settled on the 3 I have.

The ED is basically cards that could come up potentially that I have. The only one I did use was BLS though.. which was hit by Droplet + Lightning Storm the next turn (which saved my backrow from Lightning Storm, so take that as you will)

Unshockily, the biggest downside to the deck is not drawing into monsters soon enough, however, with the power level of the event, you hopefully will be able to stave things off until you get something.

Honestly, I feel like zeroender's build is probably a bit better with Crackdown (to have extra monsters for ED plays, easy triggers for your big bodies, and probably just a better card overall than Faces since it doesn't require 2 cards) and a few other better ED monsters that I don't have like Dawn Dragster.

In the end, just taking advantage of how backrow decks normally are and playing some fun traps that don't see a ton of play. (Attraction/Overroot/Storming Mirror Force/etc)

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  1. Made to go first against Aleister.gosecond.dec [player]

I won't say it's a great game, but it was a bit stressful to see who'd get what first.