Synchro x Link Festival from on February 23rd, 2024
cp-ur 900 + cp-sr 570
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Combos are the standard dino combos, although a different end board of course. Instead of the lvl 4 xyz you can go into dinowrestler giga spino, he can be pretty good in this format, 1 monster pop per turn (not a qe sadly) and when attaking no effects can be popped. Won a game using him and pentestag to do piercing agiasnt an egg token. Almaraj and borrelsword are not really needed I think of all the duels I used almaraj once (lost that one lol) and didnt end up using borrelsword, I would say a L-3 would probably be better in his place. Honestly suprised by how the deck performed in this format, once I figured out swordsoul I never lost to them again (negate mo or ash the spell). As for main deck, most dont run 3x Scrap Raptor, but I've had to many times where I open scrap raptor and the link is ruined. If you prefer to drop him add another imperm. Dogoran can be very useful in this format and you can grab him with souleating ovi if you really need too. Misc is insane in this format, most decks are weakend to the point of not really being able to handle a board of uneffected dinos.

If youre looking for lines:

You want to have misc and a baby in your hand but other combos can work although the end board will be usually reduced a little. Although an apollousa, tyranno, and borreload is enough to put down any deck in this format.

Discard misc, activate GY effect, summon anima, pop something in hand or a baby for the best EB, bring out ovi or if you dont have a baby in hand see what you have to work with, if you have a scrap raptor, summon it, lingkuriboh over anima, then go into scrap L-2 and do the normal thing with them (summon scrap rap, pop it, add, summon etc.)

If you need help more in depth with combos I highly recommend the intro to dinos on this site it has a very good combo guide at the bottom.

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