Master V from on September 19th, 2023
cp-ur 660 + cp-sr 420
42 cards

Notes & Combos

I hope to keep going all the way to Master I with this deck! I love Mathmech because they are so good at going both first and second and although I feel they are easy to learn, they can have a high skill ceiling.

I encountered a lot of Dragonlink, Purrely, Kashtira, and some rogues like Cyberdrags and Galaxy Photon on the way, and I felt like Maxx C and Droll can be used interchangeably or even together, although be careful not to put too many handtraps to avoid bricking.

The standard Mathmech combo going first is Circular. Depending on how many extenders you have you can end up with: -0 extender = Transcode + Heatsoul w/ set super factorial -1 extender = Darkfluid Terrahertz + Heatsoul w/ set super factorial -2 extender = darkfluid terrahertz + heatsoul w/ set super factorial and cynet conflict

Going second make sure you account for imperm by have a Linguriboh on your board before going for the Accesscode OTK.

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Going first replay (case 3):