Master V from on May 22nd, 2024
cp-ur 1050 + cp-sr 690
60 cards

Notes & Combos

Deck is so fun and can play going second.

Based on mattdawgs list. If you are interested check out his videos.

I didnt have solemn strike so I just used 3 solemn judgments and they saved me a lot, although you probably want strike to stop your sanguine from getting ashed.

since we had some space tried to play a small branded package. reasons:

  • Drop titanklad with Nadir, Summon Albaz to fuse to Titanklad or Mirrorjade
  • Albaz can bait a negate as a normal summon
  • Albaz can drop 1 more card from the hand to the grave
  • can be summoned from reasoning

I am not sure for a lot in the decklist:

  • Evenly: with rollback it is insane but came up 2-3 times. of course instant scoop from the oponnent but still not sure if its the best card to slot
  • Horus: maybe 3 horus for giantrainer is better
  • Ice dragon prison: It just never came up. not even once. probably due to chance but makes me feel that stronger blowout cards may be better.
  • Sivera: I sometimes wanted a second copy of it.
  • 3 titanclad just becuase I wanted fodder for mirrorjade theoritically, but I dont think I ever used 3 (even mirrojade himself doesnt come up that often)
  • I sometimes felt like maybe making it a full going second deck would go better. Load up Ligthning Storms etc.

I dont think I have the time to reach Master 1 this month, but this deck can definately do it. I wouldnt say there is a horrible matchup and every game is winnable.

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