True Draco

Master V from on March 23rd, 2024
cp-ur 240 + cp-sr 660
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Took me a lot of tries to get to Master so I have a lot to say.

First of all this deck is missing the extra 2 copies of Diagram a lot, having Diagram during the grind game means you basically win.

I tried all sorts of techs and finally came to the conclusion that this is the most consistent one by far, once I got the decklist right it wasn't that hard (still took me a few tries tho).


Nadir package - Great, Droll isn't real. It needs an extra deck so you can't use Monarchs Erupt, but that was too bricky, and Nadir servant gives you a lot. Ecclesia is also a good tribute going second because of her ability to special summon herself, also her secret ability came in handy a few times during the grind game vs SE, helping me stall a few turns (can't be destroyed by battle by a monster summoned from the ED).

Planet Pathfinder - Great consistency tool to seach Diagram, can be searched with Clockwork Night too. You search Diagram then one of your spells/traps that give you another NS, or a monster if you already have them.

Powersink Stone - Custom card for TD imo, the opponent basically gets one monster effect per turn and can't be dodged like Skill Drain.

Apophis - Omni-negate, needed vs HFD and LS. Also very helpful in general. Really good against Branded Fusion because the other floodgates do almost nothing to Branded.

Other techs I tried but wasn't convinced too much:

Fossil Dyna / Barrier Statues - Really good going second vs SE, wins you games on its own. However... it eats your NS and your entire gameplan starts to revolve around protecting it to the point where it feels pointless to play the TD cards. Also conflicts with almost every other flood I had.

Monarchs Erupt - Really good but no ED for Nadir Servant means too much brickiness, you need Nadir to replace all the pots we lost and Card of Demise.

Pot of Desires - It's good, but it destroys your grind game, and you're aiming for the grind game. Probably good anyway but I banished too many useful cards and got traumatized.

Handtraps - They feel terrible in this deck, truly bad when goind first.

Boardbreakers - Raigeki was really good, but I cut it for consistency, you need to win as many games as possible going first and having a dead Raigeki in your hand reduces your probabilities a lot.

Battle of Goldonda - Better than I expected but I cut it close to the end for Clockwork Night/Pathfinder.

Lose 1 Turn - It just felt worse than Powersink Stone to me, more son in SE format.

Pot of Extravagance / Pot of Prosperity - They restrict your ability to deep draw. For this deck that's almost Drolling yourself.

Amano Iwato - Does nothing turn 1, this deck is already bricky there's no need to add to it.

Shifter - I tried Shifter and it was ok, but there's so many banish decks going around that it ends up hurting me more than the opp a lot of times.

Dimensional Fissure - Again, too many decks that don't care about it, but it's not that bad, this one at least you can kinda play around.

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383-127-864 - First duel is with the latest version and the other two with older versions.