Master I from on September 19th, 2023
cp-ur 630 + cp-sr 720
40 cards

Notes & Combos

I really like playing 3 backrow hate because i found a lot decks with backrow (PUNK, Branded, Lab, Mathmech, Tear, etc). Also very good to destroy My Friend Purrely so they don't recycle 3 spells after you kaiju their Noir

Extra decks are usually just Pot of E Fodder, except for Almiraj and Break Sword (or any ZEUS line of your preference), personally i like Break Sword to pop backrow.

Cyber Dragon Nova into Mechaba and Herald of The Arc Light is for when your opponent plays Dogmatika, rarely happens, so just extra deck fodder.


I tried playing more Kaiju and Lava Golems but it ended up in a lot of bricks, i found my current formula is good enough to get to Master 1

Consider adding Ni-Ni if you found a lot of Tearlaments with Barrier Statue

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ID: 957-956-826

  1. VS Spright without Kaiju/Lava Golem
  2. VS Synchro, 3 disruptions without Kaiju/Lava Golem

the other 2 is not Mikanko replay