Master I from on October 3rd, 2023
cp-ur 780 + cp-sr 360
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Still here to prove that no floodgate vaylantz is the more optimal deck.

Climbing was less of a breaze this month due to the non engine most people are running like droll and nib. Droll is killer to this deck and is not something you can often play around. Nib can be played around depending on the hand but most times it will still weaken your end board.

Purrely is a weird matchup, if you're going second and have no access to lava golem then just go next unless you can prevent the noir from being summoned. Mamonaka is the real mvp though as it removes the purrely xyz without procking my friend.

Labrynth is another weird matchup which is really decided whether they resolve dbarrier or not. When going second I try to hold any quick play cards to chain block lady even if I miss a draw (by pitching maxx c). That being said going first is a breeze unless they have maxx c ofc but that's the same against any deck.

Mikanko is pretty easy as well, they're like numeron in that they can get some wins here and there due to non engine but vaylantz can deal with their in engine pretty easily. Just make sure to pass on atleast 2 monster intereactions as best believe one of them is getting kaijued. (e.g. arktos + appo)

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