Ultra Athletes

Master I from on November 18th, 2023
cp-ur 690 + cp-sr 510
42 cards

Notes & Combos

Replay: https://youtu.be/jxTL4Uyno3U

This deck is an unhinged abomination that revolves around the concept of "Your opponent can't predict your next move if you don't have the slightest clue what you're gonna due either." We don't have a set end board. Sometimes we do standard UA combos, sometimes we go into PEP Control (most of the time), sometimes we go into BLS(???), sometimes we go into...Arrival.

Sometimes we do all of the above.

This is all supremely stupid. The basic gist to unite all of the above jank is simple:

UA Penalty Box

So, once you mill this card, you can banish it to search any UA spell or trap. The Punk engine helps us mill it, Souls helps us get rid of it if we hard draw it.

U.A. Signing Deal

Funny thing about Signing Deal. It special summons UA monsters from the deck at the cost of dealing you some heavy damage. This is really good for helping your PEP stay alive through whatever your opponent is trying, for one.

It's also good because you can go into Link plays at will since it doesn't have any Link restrictions. This makes getting BLS out really easy, and he nearly solos the Lab matchup.

You can also do Sync/XYZ plays with Signing Deal, you just gotta do a little U.A dance bouncing them back/to the field.

U.A. Turnover Tactics

This card is highly stupid, nearly no one on ranked knows how it works, and you can bounce off entire boards that run on extra deck monsters, then set up a Draglubion OTK.

If you draw this card going first, you can set it for disruption, use it to fuel Souls, or honestly fire it on your turn to summon two level 7s and Tomahawk.

Basic U.A. Combo

If you have access to Hyper Stadium and U.A Stadium, you have a ton of different routes to go down depending on what the rest of your hand looks like. But my standard board is searching Libero Spiker with Hyper, then searching Midfielder and Perfect Ace or Blockbacker.

Ideally, you end with Perfect Ace and Midfielder, and after you use up your omni-negate with Ace, you tag him out with Midfielder, then use Spiker to return Ace to grab Blockbacker or Player Manager. This setup can especially annoy Mikanko players because Player Manager straight up negates everything.

...No for real, why the Tomahawk line?

Maybe Arrival played football in college. We don't know.

Also yeah Blockbacker and Dunker are both level 7 UAs and you can do some really stupid stuff with them and Kashtira Rebirth sometimes.

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