Vanquish Soul

Master I from on May 19th, 2024
cp-ur 960 + cp-sr 450
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Vanquish Soul - the best shifter deck in MD

I decided to try a M1 climb with VS this season. Upon playing the deck... I realized this deck is not rogue and it sits around tier 2 deck due to how well it plays into the meta:

Why play VS?
  1. Easily plays under common HT: Maxx-C, imperm, veiler, Nib
  2. The most consistent shifter deck in MD
  3. Gives you a lot of deck space since you don't need to play the "mandatory" called by/crossout cards
  4. x5 Tag outs to beat a lot of meta effects that target
  5. Layered disruptions that can outplay your oppponent when sequenced properly
  6. Kash Engine does nothing against VS


  • Dr. Mad Love was crutial to bounce Kitkallos, SE Ash, Starfrost, R. Ace Hydrant due to their low defense
  • Always be mindful when your opponent pays LP (Heatsoul, Rollback, PUNK, etc.). This deck summons big bois that swing for big damage and burn LP with Borger eff. Borger double burn + trap (3 reveal) = 4800 dmg.
  • X5 V.S "tag-outs" made it so I always drew 1 with my normal summon and help dodge meta cards: R. Ace, Tear, P. Princess, S:P Little Knight, Imperm, Veiler etc.
  • DO NOT ALWAYS MAKE ROCK. Making Rock can sometimes make you lose to veiler/imperm/crow/Bystial etc. There are hands where you can bounce Razen > Search with Jialong >> if they imperm your Jialong you can still tag-out w/ Borger or Caesar
  • Charmers were my primary way to summon S:P when I needed her banish eff
  • If you want to resolve your Borger burn effect for game, it's best to do it in M1 so you can dodge with Caesar
  • Ghost belle x3 felt amazing. Good disruption + earth reveal for Pantera/Caesar/Borger eff
  • DO NOT ALWAYS USE RAZEN'S SEARCH EFF. There are times where you need use the pop instead to guarantee your Jialong summon and threaten your opponent's monsters
  • DO NOT SHOTGUN SHIFTER - let your opponent commit cards before you shifter, it forces a lot more akward plays and weakens thier board state. It's also crutial to guarantee your Durendal on your opponent's face up monster
  • DO NOT ALWAYS SHOTGUN JIALONG SEARCH! Jialong's secondary eff came up a lot to help to stop Zeus plays, switch Happiness or Lovely Lab to def, Shangri-la to atk, and Superheavy Syncros to atk (this board state occurs everytime you shifter a super heavy player)
  • ALL V.S EFFECTS ARE CRUTIAL AND CAME UP DURING THE CLIMB. You need to utalize all effects to play the deck at its maximum potential
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ID: 390-134-956

  • Replay 01/02: Common OTK setups w Borger burn
  • Replay 03: P.U.N.K - Magnamhut summon over Fenrir to search for EARTH. This ensures that I can burn my opponent for game
  • Replay 04: Kash - Put Caesar in the grave to play around imperm/veiler, got lighting stormed for 3, used Jialong pos switch to out Shangri-La
  • Replay 03: R. Ace - My usual board when my opponent Maxx-C's me
  • Replay 05: BURN - NS Jailong over Fenrir to get VS board. VS will always "out-burn" a burn player