Master I from on June 11th, 2024
cp-ur 390 + cp-sr 660
41 cards

Notes & Combos

After a stressful climb with a difficult and underpowered deck "Bystial Runick" last season, I tried playing an easy deck in Floo.

The deck is very underrated and way better than I thought. You still have access to multiple floodgates that should be on the banlist + Shifter. What I was most surprised by is that the deck is actually decent going second considering that a lot of disruptions in the game revolve around monsters being special summoned (including Floo's very own Snowl). And speaking of Snowl, it has a powerful defensive effect, it is unfortunate that that effect overlaps with Floo's trap card. Still, it is nice to have him because he is searchable and recoverable by Floo cards (sometimes you really need a big monster to search or send away with the field spell other than Empen).

The Book cards (they are alive going first and second) and Evenly are incredibly good and you might consider playing more of them, but you always want to see at least a single winged-beast monster in your hand and the deck already has more spells and traps than monsters.

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