Master I from on February 8th, 2024
cp-ur 1050 + cp-sr 330
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Pretty reasonable climb this time around, I streaked a few times in masters with my best being a 9 winstreak.

I found that HT heavy works really well, and cut a droll since lab and branded don't care and those can be tough matchups.

Mourner is extremely clutch in this deck. It works under shifter and during your own turn for things like lovely and fallen of albaz getting dropped on you mid plays. Also, the burn damage on a 2400+ body helps you otk easier with just magnifica.

For the main deck sisters, everything besides Martha and Elis genuinely feel awful to play as they're not good going second and die to common negation.

I found having 1 stella necessary since she's mentioned on Elis' card text for certain Pax lines, but more than that wasn't great.

Irene is obviously terrible, and sophia as a pair with her was strictly to summon something off Vadis while still keeping Elis in deck to keep Martha live as much as possible.

Don't get greedy, sometimes searching vadis is the correct play turn one over returnia, just depends on if you have ~2 HTs and want follow up or to ensure they go through by them not wanting to use called by the grave on you.

Have fun, sisters are surprisingly good in this format!

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