Abyss Actor

Legend Anthology from on February 18th, 2023
cp-ur 570 + cp-sr 540
40 cards

Notes & Combos

This deck is going second deck with unique play style very different from other Pendulum decks, There is tow type of cards in this deck actors and scripts if your opponent destroy sit spell Script you will get a huge advantige like draw until you have 5 cards or spical full bourd from your deck or search any card you wont (Requires to have face-up AA monster in ED).. most people do not know this so they harpie it :)

Main searchers : Mellow madonna (in pendulum zoon), Wild hope (search a monster when it get destroyed), leading lady (search a Spell when it get destroyed), Extra (When you tribute it you can place any pendulum you want from deck), Fantastic theater (search spell if you have actor and script in your hand), Superstar (sit any script spell from deck until the end phase) Main beater : Evil ****, Superstar Extra deck : You only need Hyper Director and beyond the Pendulum and big eye... other than that you can use any cheaper alternatives like xyz (4 and 7) and (Synchro 5-8-9) and link (be careful for link arrows)

Be careful there is a lot of locks like : 1- if you use AA-Hyper Director you will be lock in Abyess actor monster only. 2- if you use AA- mellow madonna serch Effect you will not be able to special summon monsters except "AA pendulum monsters" so summon AA- Hyper Director, beyond the Pendulum or any other ED monsters befour use her Effect 3- AA - wild hope up-scale effect will lock you with Abyess actor monsters only 4- AA - Extra search Effect will lock you with Abyess actor monsters only.

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