Flower Cardian

Duelist Cup DLv. Max from on March 23rd, 2023
cp-ur 210 + cp-sr 210
40 cards

Notes & Combos

The goal of the deck is to loop moonfloweringviewing and willow 50000 times using de synchro, recardination, and super all in. average endboard you should aim for is 2 lightflare + lightshower + boardefly + set gravity collapse. Phase 1 is trying to draw into gravity collapse and super all in by constatnly making sure you shuffle back your willows and moonflowerviewings to maximize the free draws you have as those 2 and zebra grass are your only ways to draw spell/trap cards without sending them ot the GY. Whenever you are ready to activate super all in you should prioritizing synchro summoning lightflare using lightshower then synchro that lightflare into another lightflare using itself as material, at which point you can make boardefly use it's effect then activate super all in returning it to the extra deck to summon lightflare, lightshower and moonflower from your GY.

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my duelist id is 138 070 428 and i have 3 public cardian replays there. https://youtu.be/ARti6iuLMXU (maxx c deckout) https://youtu.be/g9pE3xA5d70 (Me getting duel level max)