Zombie World Eldlich

Diamond V from on November 24th, 2022

Author Notes

A ZW Eldlich deck with a Shiranui engine (other than just solitaire)

The point of this deck is use your Shiranui for synchro climbing while you focus on setting up your standard ZW Eldlich board with Doomking and Eldlich as your main bosses for turn 2, then, you synchro from the graveyard (spectralsword) and climb to higher synchros like Shogunesaga, Chaos Ruler, Chengying, or whatever synchro you have in mind.

Squire is a great starter for getting spectralsword on the field and ultimately in the GY, or having access to a tuner for synchro summoning (Be mindful that this does lock you into zombies). Also great bait for ash or other negates, and the banish effect can thin your deck and sometimes get necessary cards in the GY

Solitaire is a core card in any zombie deck for quickly summoning a tuner (primarily Uni-zombie for turn 1), but the banish allows you to summon your spectralsword for synchro climbing

Spiritmaster can allow you to pop a card if banished and can summon Solitaire from hand, giving you a body for protection incase of ash, also makes Swallow Slash a 3 pop

Spectralshade gets you back your banished zombies if you have a Shira banished, great for extensions and recovery

Shogunesaga is just a big beater that allows you banish a Shira for extra plays

Sunsaga can multi pop cards depending on the zombie synchros you shuffle from GY and banished. Non-zombies can also be shuffled if Zombie World is on the field