Phantom Knights

Diamond V from on May 23rd, 2023
cp-ur 690 + cp-sr 540
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Basic goal of the deck is to end on Raidraptor - Ultimate Zapdos and Ophion. Zapdos is a decent Towers that as far as I know can only be outed by a larger atk monster (or monsters like Avramax can out it) or a Kaiju. Ophion stops your opponent from being able to special summon level 5 or higher monsters however, which will counter the Kaiju out. This does not apply to Link or Xyz monsters unfortunately.

Luckily that's where Scythe comes in. The best board I could come up with is ending on Bardiche, Zapdos, Ophion, and Scythe. Considering the way we cheat out Ophion on the opponents turn with PK rank up magic launch, you can also summon ophion to a zone Bardiche points to and make scythe live on their turn.

The Deck unfortunately doesn't have much in the way of a 1 card combo except for Tour guide.

Example Combo:

1) Tour Guide 2) Graff 3) Cherubini 4) Graff search cir 5) Cherubini Dump Torn Scales 6) Link into Bardiche 7) Bardiche dump ancient cloak set Rank up magic launch 8) Activate Cloak search silent boots 9) Activate torn scales off cloak 10) Activate Torn scales, discard a dead card dump Ragged gloves 11) Special boots 12) Xyz into break sword and place him into bardiche zone 13) bardiche pop break sword 14) break sword bring back ragged gloves and silent boots 15) xyz into Raiders 16) Raiders detach boots special Blaze Falcon 17) boots activate search rank up magic force 18) rank up magic force Blaze Falcon into Zapdos and banish tour guide, 3 burning abyss, and torn scales 19) Activate zapdos detach gloves 20) gloves activate dump wing 21) Wing bring back break sword 22) pass turn 23) opponnents main phase activate rank up launch into Ophion

There are variations of this board where you can end on the board above plus Apollousa, or dagda / scythe, or even Apollusa / scythe as well. They depend on how much gas you have in your hand to be able to do that.

I came accross this decklist from ethan182 on YT initially.

You'll notice I altered some of his deck a bit to better suit my needs. I felt like the deck was too inconsistent without the danger package and I felt like Neko Mane King is a bit of a cope and honestly scythe seems way better of an option. It's less of a dead card if drawn as well. I added in a second raiders to go into Arc Rebellion on Turn 3 after the combo.

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You can check out my public replays to see some gameplay of the deck and see the combo potential. My three latest replays are using the deck.

Tearlaments game was lucky they were 60 card pile and top decked nothing, it still worked out. Stealing Kitkallos with Dharc is ideal. Floo game could have been more, deck was still unfinished. Floo doesn't have much of an out. Swordsoul had misplays on both but was a good match either way.

ID: 998-189-405

Feel Free to ask questions.