Witchcrafter Eldlich

Diamond V from on March 30th, 2023
cp-ur 840 + cp-sr 510
60 cards

Notes & Combos

Konami, please increase the replay slots! ~

Witchcrafter Dogmatika Shaddoll (Feat. Eldlich)

Important Guide when Going First:

  • Selene is not just there in the Extra Deck for Accesscode Talker Turbo but can also revive Maximus / Verre / Haine / Aruru from the GY.

  • On Turn 1, when Maximus & Verre were both sent by Grass to GY successfully and with enough spells there (preferably 6 spells for 6 counters), you could special summon Maximus through Selene then send Apkallone & Titaniklad from ED to get Schism & (Fleurdelis / Punishment) from Main Deck (due to Ecclesia's trigger effect). Then, on Turn 2, special summon Verre from GY through Selene & feel free to fusion summon Winda with Schism whenever possible.

  • Magicalized Fusion is not only good for Quintet Magician Turbo, but is also quite good on this deck too. The banished Witchcrafter monsters used for Vice-Madame can be recycled by the Patronus on field.

  • Having both Patronus & Masterpiece in the GY for Turn 2 is quite nice (if you don't get negated) because you can special summon a Witchcrafter monster straight from Deck & retrieve all banished Witchcrafter spells + add them to your hand. Snow can help with that too. Potterie could replace Snow if it gets banned in the future.

  • Edel, while being a "brick", is important because it summons Maximus / Verre / Haine / Aruru from GY if they were sent by Reasoning or Grass in there.

  • Eldlich is the best utility monster card: acts as an additional body for OTK & also as a floodgate removal when in hand.

  • Restage is important to get Souls / Pittore / Genni from the GY & can be send by Eldlich to GY to get Left Hand or Right Hand from Deck (or none if both are in GY).

  • Nightingale -> Downerd -> ZEUS line is optional but is really helpful for breaking boards if you have Souls & Genni on field.

  • Almiraj sends the lower level Witchcrafters to GY. Same with Artemis but she can also send Schmietta & Souls too.

  • Verte could replace Almiraj but not heavily dependent on it since Dogmatika cards lock you out of Extra Deck summoning.

  • Preparation of Rites for Illusion of Chaos is great as a bait but most of the time, your opponent will toggle off & wait for you to activate Grass then use Ash to negate its effect. Surprise! 😊

  • Finally, #FreeNadirServant!

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No replays because my Spellcaster account was still filled with Stage 2 Charmer & Exosister duels. Plus, I was already on P1 when I made this build before coming to D5.

Being heavily dependent on Grass & Reasoning, the combo lines are not exactly linear.

Will probably upload a demonstration of combos soon on YT (but most of you all know the steps already). 😅