Earth Machine

Diamond V from on January 29th, 2023
cp-ur 630 + cp-sr 480
43 cards

Notes & Combos

A classic Metalcruncher/Dozer Control EM list.

Now that Therion "King" Regulus has entered the format the Gearframe list is definitely the better version of the deck, but running 3 Brutal Dozers and Metalcrunchers opens the door for a few plays that most of the new lists can't pull off as easily. Forbidden Droplet is probably the most important card in this list, so run it at 3!

The biggest selling points of this decklist are:

  1. You can make a rank 10 (and therefore Liebe) very easily in back-to-back turns without having to shuffle any cards back via Tunneller or Overdrive.
  2. Urgent Schedule can be used to summon Magical Hound & Metalcruncher for an easy Baronne De Fleur (although it cannot attack the turn it's summoned).
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