Zombie World Eldlich

Diamond I from on November 25th, 2022
cp-ur 990 + cp-sr 390
40 cards

Notes & Combos

The two sides of the deck complimented each other a lot. That said, sometimes only the Branded side would come out, or only the Eldlich side would come out. The Eldlich side of the deck helps with the grind game and the hand effect helped with spell/trap/barrier statue removal. Branded Fusion, dump doomking, discard banshee, summon mirrorjade pass won me quite a few games, especially as I saw a lot of Floo on the ladder. The one Zombie World was so key. 14/69 or 20% of my matches were against Floo and my record was 9-5, winning 64% of my games against them. Overall went 39-30 with this deck for a 56% win percentage.

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