Umi Control

Diamond I from on November 29th, 2022
cp-ur 450 + cp-sr 720
40 cards

Author Notes

It's what you'd expect of a 2 card Going First floodgate deck

Check out the guide on this site, actually helped me a bit to warm up to the deck.

If you're lazy, all cards either search Kairyu-Shin or some Umi, and you wanna have both somehow at the end of the turn, if you don't, well, pray your opponent cant get through your far weaker board.

Also the Extra is only gone into in very dire circumstances when you TRULY need something quick, via unconventional means. Kragen's probably the best one of the Xyz, the Marincess Link is only rarely used unless you have a very weird boardstate or want just that little bit of extra damage, and the Charmer Links are only useful if you either get the mirror match, or go up against Marincess or Icejades. Yes I went up against Icejades once. In D3. No, I have no clue how they got up there either.

Also 3 Evenly because good *** do you need the extra power if you have to go second. And TCBOO is great against many matchups but man does it suck to look at when you are up against Branded.

And Raiho was just too funny for me not to include.