Diamond I from on May 31st, 2023
cp-ur 660 + cp-sr 660
41 cards

Notes & Combos

no logs this month, got tired

i got to 1 win away from D1 7 times and made it with the 7th, i want the lab support already for more fun Lab

Lab Stuff:

Arianna being a bad Normal against tear meant I wanted it at 1 but not much else. Field is also at 1 because it's horrible on its own, but in the grind when you search it it is amazing.

The furniture is there for extra Welcome summons, just the grind in general, as well as being more access to engine in flood situations where you have floods but no big body.

Speaking of which, Lovely is at 2 to minimize bricking due to drawing Lovely and having no way to get her on field.


The triple S of dealing with the shenanigans Tear puts up. Shifter to stop Tear completely, and Strike/Sphere to get rid of pesky effects as well as Exterio from their Stein.

Lord of the Heavenly Prison:

3000/3000. Good for walling off Tear in Defense when you have floods but no way to get rid of your opponent's monsters. Remember that Lord + Compulse/Welcome is 8900 in damage.


Consistency. I honestly should have fit in a Prosp here to search out floods but I dunno. Iffy on that front. Arguably Extrav can be at 2 or 3 copies. Just don't run Extrav at 1 please.

Normal Trap Monster Removal:

Torrential and Compulse are standard. Still iffy on the ratios. Should know their purposes by now.

Dinomischus is here as a 3rd removal that does okay against Tear. This slot is iffy as I have been considering cards like Ice Dragon's Prison, Overroot, and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Dinomischus is nice here to be an out to Perlereino and a permanent (somewhat) out to Kitkallos.

Dimensional Barrier:

The king of flexibility, the unpreventable (sorta) lingering floodgate. Weakness: Not being able to recycle with Lovely because of Ishizu Shufflers. Definitely correct at 3 to fight Tears off. Call Fusion to prevent them from doing anything and XYZ to prevent them from preventing you from preventing them from doing anything (Zeus/Drident).

Continuous Trap Floodgates:

They're floodgates. Flip Soul Drain in advance, it prevents activations not effects.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Extra Deck does not matter at all. Don't copy it. Maybe have the Rank 10 Earth Machines for more OTK as well as maaaybe Goddess which helps for Towers sometimes. Ask me questions on Discord for specifics.

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