Diamond I from on January 25th, 2023
cp-ur 660 + cp-sr 540
40 cards

Author Notes

Drytron Heralds were my main deck back when Plat 1 was the max rank you could be and they were absolutely brutal. After the Benten hit though, I came to the horrifying conclusion a lot of other people playing Drytrons had at the time and that it was no longer as strong. That couldn't be FARTHER from the truth. Drytron is a deck where once the field gets set up, it's hard to take down. Herald of Perfection is just one monster but it takes down so many.

Some ideal combos: If you have Dawn of the Herald, Cyber Angel Benten and Herald of Perfection in hand, you might as well have game as you can reuse Benten for something else later while also triggering her effect while chainblock with Dawn of.

Going second monsters like Michael, Draconids can help to clear out some of your opponent's clutter

Ideal endboard: If you haven't used your normal summon, Herald of Perfection and Vanity's Ruler stops Herald from being Kaiju'd while also locking off most other plays.

Weaknesses: Forbidden Droplet, Amano-Iwato and Dark Ruler No More. Also Solemn Strike if going second.

Optional cards Michael the Lightsworn Draconids Vanity's Ruler

Feel free to swap these around for more going second cards or whatever you'd like.

I have a video on my Youtube going more in depth so check that out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e7ckns6zUQ

Player id: 598-783-043

The bottom replay that's one turn against a Japanese Floow players shows off how Drytrons can REALLY pop off.