Diamond I from on January 14th, 2023
cp-ur 600 + cp-sr 480
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Best Blackwing season I've had, which is weird since this deck got wayyy worse since everyone started running cosmic cyclone/Runick. The only reason I was able to win some of these games was because my opponents waited until MP1 to cosmic the rank-up. As for Runick, even if they pop the rank-up or the Arsenal, they can't really out both Full Armor Master and Ultimate Falcon.

I've played a few other Kali-decks, and I think this is the best one currently. Pure RR or Time Thief RR ended on mostly the same board, but without Full Armor Master. Lunalight Kali is fun but way less consistent.

Some notes:

  • Take the x3 Zephros pill. It seems counter intuitive but having it in your opener makes you able to play through a lot of handtraps
  • Red reboot is crazy, honestly probably take a second copy for this deck
  • I only ever prosperity'd for 3, since the ED is tight. The flex spots are Dharc, Djinn, and Raikiri. I considered Bagooska for one of them as a plan B
  • Still up in the air on the Simorgh stuff. Another lvl 4 dark winged beast is good, but the garnet was annoying. The dream of getting another normal summon with it was mostly just a win-more play, so I don't think it's necessary

If you want to learn the basic combo lines, just check any of the blackwing, time thief, or RR channels. If you have any questions on this list in particular, just ask me at Desklamp#5191 .

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