Diamond I from on January 23rd, 2023
cp-ur 870 + cp-sr 720
40 cards

Notes & Combos

Player ID: 563-116-252

  • Replay 1: Full Combo Line with Therion and Mathmech
  • Replay 2: Basic Mathmech Combo Line (Cyberse locked)
  • Replay 3: Full Combo Line if Nibiru-ed

Why no Droplet/Gamma/More II/Another staples?

  • Deck's space.

Why Mathmech Engine instead of Adventure/Sky Striker/HERO Prisma Engine?

  • Mathmech synergize really well with ABC. Circular 4* monster who can special summon himself so can go Rank 4 XYZ with ABC body (mostly B-Buster) easily. Mathmech are also Light monsters so can be discarded by Galaxy Soldier. Not only that, Mathmech can make a play itself.
  • Adventure Engine is kinda bad for ABC. It is only good when we can play Set Rotation (banned in MD).
  • Sky Striker is good, but it can't make a play if we don't open ABC body card.
  • HERO Prisma is good, but same as Sky Striker, it can't make a play itself.

Why only 3 Therion cards?

  • You can run more field or Regulus, but I found that 2 Regulus/1 field is optimal.
  • The field is mostly used for Ash baited.
  • You can search Regulus with River Stormer so 2 Regulus are enough.
  • Regulus itself can't make a play so I don't think that I would love to see more than 1 Regulus in my 1st hand.
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