Diamond I from on December 5th, 2022
cp-ur 1080 + cp-sr 540
49 cards

Author Notes

Obv copied from the OG D1 GK you see every season. After reaching Diamond 5 I subbed torrential over compulsory, as torrential is an excellent boardbreaker going 2nd paired with 1. choice Solemn Strike 2. Skill Drain. Also every deck summons 5 monster in the end so that 1 compulsory is moot.

I like the 49-card ratio, Nadir Servent is definitely worth it. Cycle it with Psy-Frame Omega before you drop that Necrovalley

Biggest hurdle is Despia that is overwhelming the ladder rn. They can easily out Necro/Skill Drain by sending comedy to GY then tributing Guardian Chimera that they obv chain-blocked. Their recursion is crazy and if they bring Chimera out with normal poly you need a miracle to out that (again, torrential>compulsory)