Attribute 4 from on April 23rd, 2023
cp-ur 720 + cp-sr 540
40 cards

Notes & Combos

First time playing Amazoness.

To start things off, I tried to build EX's deck [] to see how things would go with a going second build. [basically what you see here besides some minor changes]

I am guessing that the TTT were pretty clutch, as even when I was close, I was never able to close things out in a single turn nor really put my opponent on too low of resources to come back.

Not sure if that's since I'm in Diamond 1, so I was playing against other Plat/Diamond decks, my inexperience with the deck, or maybe just my luck/hands. The closest I got to an OTK going second was against Prank when they were at 10000 and I got them down to 2700.. however, they were able to come back with their cycling abilities.

Should also not have put in Hot Spring given how slow it is, however, I was just trying things out/messing around.

After this version, I was trying a less beat them now sort of build and it seems.. alright. I like the chain process with Princess -> Call -> War Chief. That's neat, however, I found it a bit hard to get out Augusta. Most of the time, my opponent was able to deal with Empress and whatever else I had on the snapback.

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