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A new Update happened in Master Duel with a whole bunch of additons, including assets for an upcoming Bundles!

New Cards Bundle

Infinite Impermanence

A new card bundle featuring meta staple Loading... has been datamined.

A special Set that includes 10 Master Packs (guaranteed to have at least 1 SR) and 1 bonus UR card, "Infinite Impermanence." has a powerful effect that allows you to negate the effect of 1 face-up monster on your opponent's field. And, if you fulfill the conditions, you can also activate it from your hand. If you activate it after first Setting it on the field, you will also be able to negate any Spell/Trap Card in the same column. Now that's one versatile card! Why not add it to your Deck and see what it can do for yourself?

Possible Upcoming Bundles

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