Get ready for a blast from the past, as we progress through the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime in this brand-new DMC Tournament Series!

Tournament Information


  • How to Play: Each player must construct a deck using the card pool of one Legendary Duelist (listed below) and cards from the Common Staple Pool (also listed below).
  • Players must name their deck to correspond to their Legendary Duelist
  • Best-of-1 Swiss into Top Cut

August 23rd Update

  • Format Change - We will be following the Limited List at the time, limiting powerful cards to 1 Copy per deck. The card pools will be adjusted to reflect this change.

Common Staple Pool

  • Every Legendary Duelist has access to the following cards:
Limited to 1
Dark Hole
Monster Reborn
Card Destruction

Legendary Duelist Card Pools

Yami Yugi

Limited to 1
Swords of Revealing Light
Brain Control
Mirror Force