The Season 5 of Master Duel Ranked is LIVE!


New Rank

Diamond Tier 1-5

  • 600 Gems.

Your rank will increase as you win a certain number of Standard Duels.

The higher your rank, the more Rewards you can earn, so keep Dueling!

*The highest rank will now be "Diamond Tier 1," and once promoted to "Diamond Tier 1" the player will no longer be demoted during the season in Ranked Duels.

*The "DIAMOND" rank will be added to the "Standard Details" page on the Ranked Duels screen after version 1.1.0, which is planned to be released in early May.

  • Previous Season → New Season
  • Platinum → Gold 5
  • Gold → Silver 5
  • Silver → Bronze 5
  • Bronze → Rookie 2
  • Rookie 1 → Rookie 2

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