The "Duelist Cup" event will take place during the dates listed below.

Fight against Duelists from all over the world to become the very best!


Aug 09 04:30 ~ Aug 22 01:00


Aug 19 01:00 ~ Aug 22 01:00

Time to receive Ranking Rewards

After final rankings are announced ~ Sep 02 01:00

*The final tally of the rankings will be made after the Duelist Cup ends. You can claim your Ranking Rewards during the allotted time. *Rewards cannot be claimed once the allotted time has passed. Make sure to remember to claim your rewards. *The starting time for the above may be delayed depending on when maintenance is completed.

In this event, the time limit of a Duel is 300 seconds.

  • How to advance in the 1st Stage

If you keep winning in the 1st Stage, your DLv, will increase.

As you suffer more defeats in Duels, your DLv. will drop.

DLv. will not drop when between DLv. 2-15, nor will it drop below DLv. 17 and DLv. 20 after reaching them.

DLv. will never drop lower than your highest DLv. by more than two levels.

Once you reach DLV. MAX, you can participate in the 2nd Stage. Aim to advance to the 2nd Stage!

  • How to advance in the 2nd Stage