The Season 4 of Master Duel Ranked is LIVE!

Changes made to the game

  • With the start of a new Ranked Duels Season, your rank will drop to the lowest tier of the rank below the rank you had before the new season. E.g. Before the new season: Silver Tier 2 → In the new season: Bronze Tier 5.
  • During the Ranked Duels period, you won't be demoted from Platinum Tier 5 to Gold Tier 1.

Your rank will increase as you win a certain number of Standard Duels.

The higher your rank, the more Rewards you can earn, so keep Dueling!

With the start of the new season, ranks have been reset. You will start the new season with a lower rank based on your final rank of the previous season.

  • Previous Season → New Season
  • Platinum → Gold 5
  • Gold → Silver 5
  • Silver → Bronze 5
  • Bronze → Rookie 2
  • Rookie 1 → Rookie 2

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