Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel, a four-player Yu-Gi-Oh! game for mobiles devices that was announced back in July 2021 with no release date set was just soft release in Netherlands, Canada and Hong Kong. Expect to be released on other regions in the upcoming days.

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At the beginning of Cross Duel you get to select one of 14 Ace Monsters, with 2 from each major series of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Here is a quick rundown of their Master Skills in Cross Duel!

Note: This Aricle is a Work in Progress


Dark Magician

Master Skill
  • Activation Condition - If you activate a Spell Card, inflict 300 damage to all other players.
Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Master Skill
  • When Summoned - Select and destroy 1 monster.


Elemental HERO Neos

Master Skill
  • When Destroyed in Battle - This monster returns to the hand and gains Speedy Summon x1 and Superspeed x1.

  • Speedy Summon: Can be Summoned with one less Summon Material. but it loses 1000 ATK/DEF

  • Superspeed: Boosts movement speed by 50%

Ojama King

Master Skill
  • When Summoned - Select an opponent. They cannot Summon monsters to any Monster Zone until the end of the next turn.


Stardust Dragon

Master Skill
  • While on the Field - All of your Level 3 or lower monsters gain Reincarnation.

  • Reincarnation: This monster is returned to your hand with all of its Skills negated.

Red Dragon Archfiend

Master Skill
  • At the End of Battle Phase - Destroy all Defense Position monsters.